Create HDR and DRI images like a pro! This huge action set will let you create fully-editable layered HDR and DRI photos from a single or multiple exposures. You can choose to create natural halo-free HDR/DRI effects or strong artistic looks simply by playing one action and picking the effect.

Product Features

Snapshot Prerendering:
Play one action and all the HDR/DRI effects will be generated for you! Using Photoshop’s snapshots feature, you can switch between the effects instantly without running another action.

Fully Editable Layers:
All effects are created with adjustment layers and smart filters which are fully editable. The HDR looks are created primarily with the RGB curves to maximize image quality and dynamic range.

Professional DRI Effects:
Reveal details and simulate tone mapping from a single photo! Play one action then pick from the 30 automatically-generated tone mapping effects. Looking for something natural? Use the Auto DRI effects to automatically reveal hidden details in your photo that you never knew existed. For full tonal control, use our Manual DRI action!

Realistic HDR Tone Mapping:
Do you shoot multiple-exposure HDR photos? Our tone mapping actions generate 30 variations so that you can easily pick the best looking one. You can get the most natural and halo-free results or go for something artistic with some halos but still believable. You can create HDR tone mapping with 3, 5, or 7 exposures.

10 Free HDR Looks:
This action set does more than realistic tone mapping – it also generates 10 HDR color effects! Play one action and it’ll automatically generate 10 HDR color effects that you can easily pick from without playing another action.

HDR and DRI Photoshop Actions

Basic Actions
  1. Step 1 – Load HDR Images
  2. Step 2 – 1 Exposure – Render All DRI Effects
  3. Step 2 – 3 Exposures – Render All HDR Tone Mapping Effects
  4. Step 2 – 5 Exposures – Render All HDR Tone Mapping Effects
  5. Step 2 – 7 Exposures – Render All HDR Tone Mapping Effects
  6. Step 3 – Render All HDR Looks
Actions for Faux/1 Exposure DRI
  1. Auto DRI
  2. Auto DRI +
  3. Auto DRI ++
  4. Manual DRI (Simple)
  5. Manual DRI (Pro)
  6. DRI (Film Look)
  7. DRI (Flat)
  8. DRI (Natural)
  9. DRI (Strong)
Actions for Multiple Exposure Tone Mapping (Each renders 10 variations)
  1. 3 Exposures Tone Mapping (Flat)
  2. 3 Exposures Tone Mapping (Natural)
  3. 3 Exposures Tone Mapping (Strong)
  4. 5 Exposures Tone Mapping (Flat)
  5. 5 Exposures Tone Mapping (Natural)
  6. 5 Exposures Tone Mapping (Strong)
  7. 7 Exposures Tone Mapping (Flat)
  8. 7 Exposures Tone Mapping (Natural)
  9. 7 Exposures Tone Mapping (Strong)
HDR Tools
  1. Boost Shadows
  2. Restore Highlights
  3. Midtone Contrast
  4. Highlight Compression
  5. Remove Gray
HDR Looks
  1. Sepia
  2. Grunge
  3. Antique
  4. Pro Film
  5. Positive Film
  6. 2 Strip Film
  7. Horror
  8. Edition
  9. Gritty
  10. Willow

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