Healer - Full Game Kit

Healer - Full Game Kit

Healer the sci-fi biological game – FULL KIT WITH UI This new conceptual game provides the user a new experience of playing with micro organisms in sci-fi background. The game designed in mind that, in the future where people are dieng with multiple desesases of various ideintified and un-identified microorganisms a new nano device introduced to inject into blood and control it out side of the body by an operator. Where it goes to the target organs and heal them. While on the go it collects the antibiotics various helpful whiteblood cells, various DNS elements and so on

This kit contains approximately all the elements which need to build the game. Including
  • Main character
  • Enemies
  • Boosters
  • Collectors
  • Weapons
  • Bullets
  • And more…

  • All the elements are designed in photoshop
  • Layered well named and organized
  • PNGs are exported and organized into folders
  • Additional backgrounds are also provided
  • Main character tail animation png sequence is also provided
You can creatively use the elements to make your own game. Thank you for purchasing my file

Download only the game assets

Sci-fi Biological Game – UI This UI kit simply contains the most needed screens for the Sci-fi biological game,
you can download the game assets here
But it’s not that limited, if you need you can use the elements provided for any of the following types of games

  • Space games
  • 3D War and action games
  • 2D war and action games
  • Fighting games
  • Mafia games
  • Sci-fi platformers
  • Simply for any type of sci-fi , robotic game

  • 326 ppi Hi resolution
  • 1334 width pre-sized for mobile but can be used for desktop and xbox too
  • Resizable
  • Organized and layered psd file
  • Transparent png files are provided
  • Free fonts used

Download only the UI

Download the free fonts with following links
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