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How to delete Hello sign on top right corner? I use Microsoft Powerpoint.

Hi, thanks for purchasing our template! You need to remove the logo from the master slides. Then it disappears everywhere;)

Where is master slide in Powerpoint?

you need to go to “themes” and then click on “edit master”. now, on the left column you will see all the master slides used.

This presentation is what I call “presentation classics”. Clean design, handmade factor (arrows and script), warm/cold colors in one beautiful cusp. Congrats on such a good work !

It was hard work! Thanks a lot for the appreciation :)

I just purchased this. Unzip file and all there is, is help PDF.

I don’t undestand how to install theme in powerpoint??

Please help

Hi, thanks for purchasing. If you unzip, you can find a folder with the presentations and the help PDF file. You don’t need to install a theme, you just open one of the presentations, and there it is. Before you open the presentation, you need to open the Help PDF file, and there you will find the links for downloading and installing the 2 fonts (Aleo & Mathilde). You need the fonts so the presentation looks as it was designed, otherwise it will substitute the fonts, and everything will shift. Once you install the fonts, then open your presentation. For further assistance on the modification of the presentation, please refer to HELP PFD file, and of course write us if you need more help ;) Good luck with your new presentation template !

So just to be clear, if I want to use a totally different colour I can change it in one place and it will change everything of the previous colour in the presentation to that new colour?

I am asking as I bought another presentation from GraphicRiver and it took me days to change the colours of all the elements in all the slides etc


hi there, if you want to choose another color, you change the accent colors in the master slides. once this is done, most of the colors are replaced by the new color. according to an issue of powerpoint you need to close and reopen the powerpoint file. after doing this more elements will get the new color. in the end, just a few elements are left, which need to be changed by hand, but it definitely wont take days ;)

Here is more information how to modify your color scheme. Once you do, close powerpoint completely, then reopen again. Some of the elements still need to be colored manually. Here is the link and good luck:

Please can you advise how to embed a video – doesnt seem to be working

hi thanks for purchasing! sorry for the late response but im glad that you figured out ;) good luck with your presentation!

Cheers, it’s a great package, very handy. What font is used in the logo ‘Hello’? So I can replicate it in presentation?

thank you! here is the font that i used for the logo good luck with your presentation!

I’m having a hard time locating the master slide to remove the logo. I know you have answered this before however, I can find the themes, but where is the master? Thanks so much! I’m excited to use the PPT! Im giving a big pitch next week!

Hello BokashiEvo, thanks for your purchase. As I see you have trouble with that and you have an important presentation to present, hence I created screenshots on how to do it in 4 very easy steps. I put the screenshot in the following link:

Download, unzip and open the screenshots. Good luck with your presentation. I tried to make it more visual and easy for you. Have funnnn ;)

Thank you! I have a PC, the directions showed how to do it via MAC. Although I was able to find the master under “Review” tab! I totally appreciate your work and I am amped about the presentation!

Thank you so much BokashiEvo. We wish you all the best for your big presentation day! Impress them with visual effect, as the power is in the visual content you will put ;)

For the customers that need more help regarding “HOW TO EDIT MASTER SLIDES” WE created screenshots on how to do it in 4 very easy steps.

WE put the screenshot in the following link:

Download, unzip and check the screenshots

Awesome :) Great Work :)

thank you :)

This is great…!

One question is… About ‘Aleo’ font, my PC only support ‘Aleo’, not ‘Aleo Light’ and any ‘Aleo Blah Blah’... Is it my fault….? I’ve copied all .otf files to fonts folder.

hi there, thanks for purchasing my template! no, it is not your fault. windows just names the fonts differently. aleo light on mac is just aleo in windows with a light weighting. do you have any problems with the visualization of the fonts? or does it look the same or at least similar?

Just for your better creation… Actually the biggest trouble is… the user need to change the font to ‘Aleo’ one by one. In my opinion, it can be a bit annoying to some users. But anyway, the template is still good. : )

ok thanks for the info. i will definitely fix that in a future update!

I have two questions about the Aleo font.

1) It is present in my font menu when I open the Hello template but not when I open any other PPT or Word document. Should I be able to see it elsewhere?

2) So I downloaded the font by the same name but it does not look the same. I just noticed that the Aleo font is a serif font but what I have been using is an Aleo font that is sans-serif. Any idea how that happened? It still looks good but now I can’t match it anywhere else.

I can send you a screenshot if you want to see what I have happening.

My boss did. Srini Kolathur or

But I see now that you can download the font on the sales page. But I still don’t understand why the font registers as Aleo but is clearly a sans-serif font.


Dear Janet. First thing that you have to do is to download and install the fonts Aleo and Mathilde, with the links: After that download the Hello template again, than open. The font should be named Aleo on your Powerpoint too. If you dont install the fonts, then Powerpoint substitutes them with existing fonts on your computer. Regarding the font that we chose, it belongs to the family of fonts called SLAB SERIF, as do the other fonts on this family:

Thank you for purchasing, and good luck with your presentation!

PS: On some windows systems there may arise trouble with the font, as it may not recognise it directly.However Sans Serif looks similar to this font, so no big changes in appearance are expected in such cases of substitution. If it looks good, which I believe it does, than you are still good to go. Regards

Hi, great design but i have the same problem with aleo. I have a pc. I installed ALEO font but when I open the ppt file the font donesn’t appear. I select a word and i go in the font list and i can change just to normal aleo. The others (italic, light…) are in the list but i cant change to them.


it says… u selected a single byte fonts to replace a double byte fonts… please selected a double byte fonts….

this can be the problem

ok, can you try this workaround: ?

This is simply not usable on windows because of the above mentionned font issue. I have no time to change the fonts in each and every slide in each and every color. You should mention that this template is NOT suitable for windows How can I be reimbursed ? Thankd in advance -bu

Well, If you can’t make it work on Windows then you should consider refunding the licence. Thanks for giving some sign of life.

We have sent you an email

Sorry to be a bother. Where are the icons? I see there are icons on the slides but is there a downloaded file of icons I can select from?

Hello, the complete icon sets are integrated on the last slides starting from 121-128.


How come i installed all 3 fonts. But there is still some typography issues. I am using Windows 8.

Kindly advise

Is it possible for you to email me at joelfu AT gmail DOT com? If not i have to keep checking this page on and off which is inconvenient. Thank you.

do you have skype? that would be much faster for both of us. mine is ercn1903

Hi Ernc

I dont seems to be able to contact you via skype. My id is joel.fu


Hi there,

first of all: great work! I love the template and its clean and modern look :-) And I am having no issues (fonts, etc.) whatsoever so far.

Just one question left: which font did you use for the Hello logo? Like it pretty much but obviously its none of the fonts used in the template slides.

Thanks and kind regards, Stefan

hi stefan,

thank you for the kind words and thank you for purchasing our item!

we used the font “thirsty script extrabold”

grüße aus münchen, ergün

Hi there,

Amazing job that you have done! I wanted to buy the template but my company doesn’t allow to install fonts… Is it possible to have the template with other fonts that we already use? (We are using Univers family internally in our company).

Thanks a lot!!


No sorry, i guess there is no good handwritten standard font, only comic sans:)

Hi Ergun!

I have just purchase your template and I was wondering: are the photos included in the pack?

Regarding the font I will have to change it one by one once the only workaround that windows gives me is to open de presentation in a PC that does have the fonte, replace it and then open it in mine… :(

Thanks! Ângela.

hi angela,

no the photos are not included due to some copyright issues. a full list with links to the photos is included in the help file.

best, ergün

I just purchased this and I cannot put a footer in with my company logo. Any suggestions? I am using windows.

Hello, thank you for purchasing. You need to go to “themes” and then click on “edit master”. Now, on the left column you will see all the master slides used, as illustraed here: The “slide master” is the slide to be changed, ie, the footer can be changed and the logo. Delete Hello logo, and copy-paste your own logo, then resize and place it in the right-upper corner. The footer you can change directly. Good luck!

Hi, are you open to do freelance ppt creation? Thanks!

Hi, yes I am ;)

Everything is great, can you send me the pictures???


Thank you for purchasing our item!

The shown photos are not included due to licensing issues. You will find a list of links directing to the source files, where you can buy the photos.

Best, Ergün