Helloween Boy Game Character Sprite Sheets

Helloween Boy Game Character Sprite Sheets

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Helloween Boy Game Character Sprite Sheets - Sprites Game Assets

See all animations video in youtube

Update August 17, 2017:

  1. Replace all old animations with the new ones.
  2. Add scml format.

Update August 19, 2017:

Add three new animations (not showed in the video preview), total now 37 animations:
  1. Climb ladder (from side view).
  2. Stick on the wall.
  3. Hanging.

Description :
Halloween or Helloween Boy game character sprites for game developers. Best for action game like running, jumping or fighting. Not only attack animations, this character also has gesture animations like angry, sad and happy. You will get character body parts in Ai & PNG, Animation file in spriter SCML, and Animation Sprites in transparent PNG. Transparent PNG sprites already tested and running well in Game Maker Studio. Recommended to set game speed at 60 fps to get smooth animation like in the video above.

Animation included in this package:

  1. Idle.
  2. Walk.
  3. Run.
  4. Jump up.
  5. Jump fall.
  6. Jump roll.
  7. Vertical attack longer animation.
  8. Vertical attack shorter animation.
  9. Vertical attack while jumping.
  10. Horizontal attack longer animation.
  11. Horizontal attack shorter animation.
  12. Horizontal attack while jumping.
  13. Sad gesture.
  14. Sliding.
  15. Got hit A.
  16. Got hit B.
  17. Electricshock.
  18. Block.
  19. Block attacked.
  20. Block walking.
  21. Push forward.
  22. Pull backward.
  23. Throw fireball.
  24. Angry gesture.
  25. Duck enemy attack.
  26. Knock down A.
  27. Knock down B.
  28. Happy gesture.
  29. Rolling.
  30. Fast move.
  31. Climb ladder.
  32. Fireball projectile animation.
  33. Ground slash fire animation.
  34. Air slash fire animation.
  35. Climb ladder (from side view).
  36. Stick on the wall.
  37. Hanging.

Requirements :

  • Adobe Illustrator CS4 and above ONLY if you want to edit the character’s visual.
  • Brashmonkey Spriter ONLY if you want to edit or add the animations.
  • Game Maker software to make a game, for example, GameMaker, Construct 2, Unity, etc

What will you get?

  • Separated Game character sprites in transparent PNGs.
  • Game character body parts in Ai and Transparent PNG, you can edit them using Ai and export to PNG
  • Animation file in SCML to edit or add new animation using brashmonkey spriter software.
  • Free future updates.
  • The Character position in PNG files already set for animation sequence.
  • Backgrounds in description image are not included.



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