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Great! Bookmarked and twitted! Good Luck to You! ;)

to kind…thanks a lot!! ;)

Awesome Work…...... :)

very nice, thanks femo!

Nice work! good luck with sale!

thanks a lot, khatrijiya!

Well done! I have purchased and would like help converting to different color. Please let me know if you can be of assistance, I am on a tight timeschedule…

Hi siliconinja,

thanks for purchasing this item.

to change the color you just have to adjust the three orange colorswatches. you have to find the right balance between the three colors to achieve the best possible result.

Hope this answers your question.



could you take out the plus sign and replace it with a letter or two?


i assume that you have some illustrator skills, because in any case you have to edit the address and the other infos… if that is so, it should be no problem at all for you to replace the plus with some letters…

if you should have troubles by doing this on your own, i can sure make you an estimate for an adaption. But i can not offer this service free of charge.



Really nice design. I rated it 5 stars :)

By the way, how did you do that image where all the stuff are in there? Kinda like a mock up or something? I would love to know as it is better to put everything in there and be just one picture instead of showing the designs one by one for presentation.


Hi andhow,

thanks for the purchase and the nice rating ; )

to present my work i use a photoshop-mock-up file i created on my own. Just write a PDF of your items or use the illustrator-files and place them in one psd-file with shadows and a nice background…. the file i use here for presentation is for my own purpose only, it’s so badly organized that i couldn’t offer it to anyone ; ))

hope this answers your question…

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I am interested purchasing this corporate identity pack, but before buying it I had some questions:

1) Apart from this pack I would also be registering a domain for my startup company and building a webpage for it (using godaddy website builder thingy). So how will I get this theme of the pack which I purchased on the webpage?

2) Does this pack have a brochure design template included with it? If not, where can I get it from?

Hi tripranav,

at the moment, there is just the stationery available as you see it. For further right of use (web, brochure, etc.) you will have to purchase a logo licence, which will be available in a couple of days.

a brochure or webtemplate isn’t planned yet…but with a logo licence you can use any other template that fits your needs.

best regards,


Thanks for a prompt reply. Can you please let me know where can I get the logo pack that you mentioned? Also will it be same as the stationary pack design?

The Hexagon Logo Template is in the upload-queue and will be available in a few days in the Logo-Section of Graphicriver.

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The zip I’m downloading is corrupt and contains invalid filenames!

Windows 7, winzip 16!

Sorry to hear that.

Just checked the file myself. Extracted without any errors. I would suggest to download the package again and maybe use a different extracting tool. Hope this does the trick…

best regards,


Hi There,

Exactly the same thing when dealing with the file in windows explorer:

Error: 0×80070057

The files do end up extracting, but with many errors.

sorry to hear that.

But on my end everything works fine. Do me a favour and contact me via the contactform on my profilpage here at graphicriver… i will try to find a solution…