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Clean, elegant style – good work!

Cheers, thanks very much :)

Sleek and clean :)

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Thumbs up! Congrats for this wonderful item, Bilmaw..


Glad you like it, thank you :)

Great.. I like this.. :)

Thanks, I’m glad ;)

Just bought your work. Everything is made very easy to customized to your own style. The style is very professional and clear. Good work.

Thank you very much!

Thank you, user-friendly and professional is what I’m aiming for : )

Likely dumb question, but I’m not overly InDesign literate – I have Adobe CC and can’t seem to figure out how to edit the “YOUR COMPANY NAME” on the top of pages 2+...

Outside of my ignorance, this is an awesome template – thank you!

Thanks for your purchase.

The “YOUR COMPANY NAME” text is on a Master Page so that it repeats throughout the document. You can edit Master Pages in the top part of the ‘Pages’ Palette (Window > Pages), just double-click the thumbnail and then you can edit just as any other page.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, Billy (bilmaw)

I know this is probably a super easy answer, but I’m not a strong inDesign user. How do you change the background color of the front and back pages of this document? I would like to make the front and the back white.

Thank you!

Bring up your Pages palette (Window > Pages) then double-click on the ‘FC-Front Cover’ Master Page in the top section of the palette (you may have to scroll). From there you can select and re-colour or delete the box if you’d like it white. Repeat this for the ‘BC-Back Cover’ Master Page.

Hope this helps!

Thanks, Billy (bilmaw)

Awesome Quality Design!

Cheers dude!

Beautiful design, and the real wording saved us countless hours coming up with our own content. Thank you!

Thanks, glad it helped you out : )

How to change the background color for front cover? I want to replace it with images.


This is on a Master Page, which you can find the top section of the ‘Pages’ Palette. Simply double-click this Master Page and you can edit/delete parts as normal.

Thanks, Bill

I’m not new to InDesign, but have used it for other purposes than pages editing. Do you have a tutorial document or something to help me run through editing the document?

I was wondering how I can: 1. Change all the logos at one go. 2. Change the color of the front and back page (I can’t find any masterpage to do so. There are only 2 materpages, one for the company name and the other for the ‘Brand Guidelines’. 3. change the logo background colors regardless of the other colors in the swatches panel.

I would appreciate a quick response as I have to finish creating the document for a brand in the next 24 hours.


Hey guys, my bad. Ignore point 2. Please respond to 1 and 3 only. :)

Hi, thanks for your purchase.

1. Unfortunately, there is no way to do this. You will have to replace each placeholder logo with your own. You don’t have to have all the examples included, those are there just as ideas.

3. If you edit colours in the Swatches panel, they will change throughout the document, otherwise you will have to apply any new or different colours manually I’m afraid.

Thanks, Bill