Humongous World Map

Humongous World Map

Detailed Humongous World Map with more than 8000px resolutions.

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  • All the maps are bigger than 8000×7000 Resolution
  • You can customize the border, fill or the names easily on illustrator or photoshop
  • ‘20 Fully Colored Map’ has only png and jpg files in the download. Source is not included because of the file size
  • Full Map is Designed in Illustrator CS4 with 90% close to the real world. Although some islands are missing because they are so tiny
  • The included files are ‘Continents’, ‘Countries’ and ‘Oceans, Seas, Gulf, and Bay’. Please note that the ‘States’ are not included’
  • Since the map is highly detailed, check for the smaller islands before you delete or turn off the layer
  • Countries.psd has a ‘Guide’ layer which help you locate smaller islands
    • ‘Isla Isabela’ is outside south america and is part of Ecuador
    • ‘St Barthelemy’ is part of France and it is located near Anguilla
    • Other islands like Virgin, Puerto, British Virgin, Guadeloupe, Saba.. are so tiny, using ‘Guide’ layer will help you to separate them.
    • Asuncion, Agrihan, Pagan, Alamagan, Anatahan, Rota and Guam are ‘Norther Mariana Islands’ which is located near Philippines and is inhabited by U.S.
    • You will also find small two islands on ‘Cyprus’ which is a part of United Kingdom
  • Federated States of Micronesia, Marshall and Gillbert Islands are also included.
  • The font is used only to display the Names for the Continent and Countries and the default font used is ‘Calibri’. If you do not have this font you can substiture with another font, not a big deal.
  • Antarctic region is also included with all the maps


  • 7 Continents
  • .ai and .eps files are included
  • Reference Jpg image is included with color
  • All the continents are separated and saved as png for Ready to Use
  • Outlined map with text and without text are also provided in png file
  • .ai, .eps, and .psd has organized layers and color coded
  • You can Turn OFF or Turn ON the names for each continents from the layers palette


  • 267 Countries
  • .ai and .eps files are included
  • Since the map has too many details, pdf files are included
  • Ready to Use png files are included
  • You can use either illustrator or photoshop file to change color or any any kind of effect to individual countries
  • Country Names can be OFF or On from the layers palette

Oceans, Seas, Gulfs and Bays

  • 129 Oceans, Seas, Gulf and Bays
  • Each category is properly layered and organized in the illustrator file
  • png and jpg files are included

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