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How do i change the Text “Omega Multimedia Group Presents” ?? I can’t find the text folder!!

all you have to do is click on text with the text tool…

Ahahaha Thanx Man i was getting into panic mode, i’m a bar owner not a designer!! Great Job!! I’m twisting the colors and it’s looking great anyway i put it, you are a life saver!!

It’s All good Homie!

Hello, in the Readme file that comes a folder says “Color Options”. For there is that folder.


Here are a few ways to experiment With The colors:

1: There is a folder called “COLOR OPTIONS” that has many different looks you colored can experiment With.

2: cut on and off Color mixers

3: Hue and saturation folders on and off

Thank you very much, but overall proposals would have preferred color, not change the color of any element. If you get to add that folder with color proposals, appreciate the share. my email is johnpeterjp Gmail.com. thanks

in the Design Elements folder there is a unchecked Hue Saturated Folder cut it on and you change change the color of the background as needed Thanks

Ok. Thanks.

Mine is not opening in layers :*( I am only familiar with psp not not Photoshop. But I opened in photoshop and dont see the layers except for the colour layers, but not the objects in the poster Can you assist in telling me just how to access the layers, is it protected? But i do love this poster :)

can do, whats the email? I cant see that (probably because i have never been on here until today ) :)

Its ok now thank you! I had to do some kind of updates and so on to get adobe working – as I said I have never used it. After mucking around all is working and I have your wonderful poster, layers and all! Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly too and willing to help. If you can delete this post its ok by me :)

no maybe someone can learn from it