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Does this file include the graphics used as the sample as well? So that the crash test dummy and the card background comes with it?

Yes, all ellements are included. Also, the sample is a smart object which has vector based layers inside – for the background. (only the test dummy is a bitmap illustration)


I am unable to open the file. It is downloaded as .zip and when clicked on it changes to .cpgz. When clicking that file it jumps back and forth. Can you send me a regular compressed file?

its already a regular compressed file. you may contact support .

thats all i can do for now

i dont have the file cuz im on vacation right now ... sorry

wonderful work mate

Thank You!!

How much for a custom made ID card, according to my specs.

Please let me know


Hi mate, I’ve been waiting for a year to get an answer! Are you still busy?

Write me an e-mail with a brief of what you need.

The file is well organized and easy to work with. Good job!

And it is FUN!

Many thanks ;)

Nice card mockup :)

Many thanks!


I have sent you a mail lately requesting your expertise for an ID Card design. Are you available to discuss such a job ?

Your quick reply is greatly appreciated

You say all object are editable? I find this is NOT the case, I cannot edit nor change text, remove the dummy picture and etc. ? Do you have an updated version that allows us to change or remove any design object?

Hi mongojerry,

The item is fully editable via smart object: Customize the base layer (via smart object), save it, and get all the views automatically.

You only need to double click the icon of the layer named “base card”. Automatically opens a tab with the artwork that you need to edit. When you’re done, close the tab. Photoshop will ask you to save the file and you will press accept.

Main file is automatically updated with the changes you made. Now you can see all the views automatically updated. To see the results of your changes on the cards one by one, simply toggles the visibility of the folders.

For further information read the ReadMe File.


I bought this software but the download page is not working for me. I therefore need to contact you to ask for the files to be emailed instead. However, your contact details are not available anywhere on this forum and/or listing.

Write me an email on my profile page to send you the file.