iHandle! Phone Showcase Mock-Up

iHandle! Phone Showcase Mock-Up

iHandle, the Emotion Signs v1.01(lastest update: Nov 1, 2013)

Cool way to showcase your mobile item.
I was looking for a cool phone handling portrait for my work, but all the current market items left me cold. I decided to make new serials for my work myself… and so the iHandle was born. The iHandle expresses your work in a more spirited, passionate, and flexible way. I think you will definitely find something you like about it!

iHandle is easy as 3 steps

Version 1.01 – Nov 1, 2013

1) Toning: All the hand portraits have a better skin tone now.
2) Retouching: All the hands have been retouched for better looking.

3 Reasons to have iHandle in your download list!

Chosing the hand model

When I decided to make iHandle, I realized that finding a good hand model was one of the most important parts of the process. I spent the last two weeks interviewing over 30 people, before deciding on the best model to represent the product.

The unique Emotions

iHandle express the emotions by the different hand portraits, it will display your app at a higher level!
See 10 emotional demos by clicking on the main image.

iHandle keeps updating

iHandle is a live project, more Emotions coming soon!

For Buyers: If you have any ideas for emotions you would like me to add , please send me a message here, a description, an adjective or even a common language. I will consider it for the next update, free for all buyers!


ITEM Details

  • Total 10 portraits(this meanwhile) x 2 color phone
  • High resolution source ready for print
  • Handle in both horizontal and vertical
  • Original picture preserved in every layer
Use iHandle to showcase your phone item!


Parts of the phone item, thanks to the great works!


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