Image Enlarger - Perfect Image Size Increase - Actions

Image Enlarger - Perfect Image Size Increase - Actions

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The best way to enlarge images with Photoshop!

These Photoshop Actions work with Photoshop CS2,3,4,5,5.5,6 CC2014 CC2017 CC2018 CC2019 in any language. Any image in any format or resolution can be treated with these Actions.
This product is designed to bring you the best enlargement treatment with the maximum quality possible.

Adobe Photoshop is stretched to the limit with this tool and will increase your images like an expensive Plug-In: you will really use this Action daily, increasing the dimensions of smaller images for web uses, and preparing big formats for perfect clean Prints

Attention Photoshop CC+ users

You might consider to not purchase these Actions since newer Photoshop versions have a great built in Image Resizer. However Image Enlarger does effectively enlarge any image as much efficiently, and also gives you the automatic presets to work with in case you want to experiment different level of details.

6 Cool Photoshop Actions to increase the image size

• Increase Image Size up to 200% of the original size with very little loss of sharpness or detail that would occur by enlarging the Image normally

• Accurate Noise Removal and High Pass Sharpening to preserve and enhance perfectly all the textures and details, without increasing Noise in the shadow areas

• Works with any type of image: different Photoshop Actions available depending on your starting Image Size and Color Mode (RGB and CMYK)

• No skills needed, Professional results in 1 Click. Perfect for Print and Web Images.

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Before Purchasing – Important!

Remember that is impossible to increase the image size having perfect details, simply because the informations (the pixels) cannot be invented by any software, they’re just not there. However with this tool you’ll be able to get the most perfect result achievable with Photoshop, having almost a new double size image at your disposal.
If the final result is too sharp, remember to try another Action, or to tune done the final result. Remember to rate this Action if you are satisfied, Thank you

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Hi my name is Gianluca Giacoppo, I’m a Graphic Designer / Photomanipulator.
I’ve knowledge in web design, communication design, skills with Adobe Photoshop and the photomanipulation process. In my Portfolio here you can find a bit of everything: illustrations, templates, GUIs, Mock-ups, Photoshop Actions and Styles. Have a look around

I like to design everything, but most of all I like to provide tools for professional designers like me. I’m not available for freelance work at the moment.

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Hello my name is Gianluca Giacoppo, I’m an italian Graphic Designer / Digital Artist.

I’ve experience in Web and Print design. Working with several International brands and companies in these 10 years I’ve gathered skills post-processing photos and doing illustrations and graphics for the advertising industry.

I provide only my best for the online community uploading the highest quality Tools and Resources for other professionist graphic designers.

In my Portfolio here you can find a bit of everything: Illustrations, Templates, Interfaces, Mock-ups, Photoshop Actions and Text Effects.

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