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Very nice, indieground :D

Thank youu :-)

This is awesome! Love the green version :)

Thanks mate! :-D

I really like it! Very good one!

Thank you devilinia! :-)

Ti ringrazio :-)

Nice! How did I miss this one? :)

Holidays! That’s the matter :-) thank you!

I love this. Just caught my eye in the search and it stands out so much. Great stuff. :D

Thanks Jack! :-D

I need to increase the size of this for a poster 20 inch X 30 inch. WIll I have a issues increasing the elements with this file? If so, what issues? If not, are the shapes smart objects?

Thanks! m

I’ve just tried to increase the psd and quality & shape seems unchanged! so I guess you won’t have problems :-)

great work…

Thanks alia! :-)

awesome work indie

Thank you :-)

Nice work indieground, you are extremely talented. I’m just curious where did you get the social media icons? If you don’t mind me asking.

Hi Luis! I must answer you through email :-) otherwise it would be spam

what’s you email?

I was under the impression all backgrounds from the previews would be included. The only background I want is the one with the crowd (in the blue picture). Could you email that to me at chesschaser@gmail.com? I only have $3 left in my envato account, but I’m willing to buy the background if I have to, as long as it’s $3 or under.

email sent :-)

nice work…looks awesome after tweaking it and adding personalisation to the design, you can change everything and so easy too…

Glad that it worked so fine! thanks for the purchase :-)

Great work! :D Btw, I’ve sent you an email with some questions.

Thank you :-)

Hard skills! Big up!

Thanks a lot :-)

Best typography! I Idolize your work!

Thanks a lot bmanalil ;-)