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Nice, I love it!

Thanks! You have some inspirational items in your portfolio!

Hi, im looking for such info charts. But i have one question: how can i change the charts if something is for example 30% – and the part of the chart should be 30% too.

Or do i have to do this for myself with PS? well done by the way

Hi Stefan,

Yes you do need PS to edit the elements and change there % rates and such. If you need help in doing this i’ll gladly tell you:

Every “Smart object” had a Mask attached to it which determines how much it should show of this object.

In order to select the Mask you need to select the element you want to edit than select the “Direct selection” tool in your toolbar.

You can now change the Mask attached to the “Smart object”.

Need more help? Just let me know!

Best regards, Bevel

Hi Bevel,

ok i didn’t think that it would be this easy :) Thanks a lof, dude I’ll get this weekend my deposit so I’ll will buy this i think. Thanks a lot for the fast reply!


Great job, I am interested to buy it but could you send me video how I can use data from excel file to customize this template to check if ti’s easy please.