Discussion on Infographic Elements Template Pack 01

Discussion on Infographic Elements Template Pack 01

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Please advise what font alternatives I can use that are free. I cannot afford to spend hundreds of dollars on DINpro. I tried to change the font but it does not render correctly with my choice of font. Can you please provide a good substitute. Thank you in advance.

Hi! Please contact me directly so that i can send you a pdf with links included. Kind regards.

I also have the same problem as natenate13 – will message, but could you just let everyone know how to fix this? Seems like the ability to update the data in the graphs is critical!

i’m still having a problem figuring this out – i cant find the FAQ section and don’t see this mentioned in the help pdf. I really need to be able to adjust the data and have the chart update so I can input into indesign.

the faq is just written in the previous message :)

Hi, I purchased this today but I have a major issue. When I change the data on a chart (like a pie chart, for example,) the graph disappears. It’s maddening! Please advise as to how to work around this.

I replied to your message ;)

Just read the answer above? Is it really impossible to automatically adjust the graphics by entering a particular percent number?

Or is it just with this project? Is it possible with other AI projects?

Hi fantasmo81, as i previously written in the other comment it is not possible to edit ALL the charts automatically: some of them have been designed with simple shapes so you cannot insert numbers but you need to adjust manually with the white arrow tool. Some others can be edited with numbers or percent numbers, like for example the pie charts.

It works this way not only for this particular project but for all Illustrator files, since this software is not like excel and is not made specifically for infographics.

Feel free to contact me if you need any help. Kind regards :)

There are no clear instruction on how to change the data in .AI files to customise the info graphics. I ungrouped and when I go to Graphs>Data… there is nothing. Unable to customise the graphs and info graphics.

With so many sales, was expecting a clear video on how to customise the file I just bought. Disappointed!

Am I the only one feeling lost here?!

Hi Naved, since illustrator is not a software like excel for charts and numbers, some charts cannot be edited by inserting the numbers but you need to adjust them manually with the white arrow tool. Sorry for your disappointment.

Can i also buy all your infographic as a all-in-one package?

Hi Dierbewust25, please contact me through my profile page :)


Is it possible to edit those (awesome) graphics easyly ?

For instance, the pie chart, if I can the percent amount, does the chart rebuild himself ?

Moreover, can I write a script which will modify these charts as explained in my previous question ?

Thanks :)

Hi! If you know how to use illustrator you should not have any problems editing the charts.

Some of them can be edited by inserting numbers (like the pie charts) others need to be adjsuted manually (like some bar charts for ex.).

I am not familiar with scripts so i actually do not know if this is something possible.


Hi there, how do you edit the size of the bars on the bar graphs and line graphs? Can I enter data values where the graphs will correspond to those values?

Hi! sorry for this late reply i was on holiday! :)

some charts must be edited manually because illustrator does not support some kind of design! Please contact me through my profile page for any help you may need!

Thank you and sorry again :)

Nice work :) GLWS ;)

thank you!

Is there a psd maybe?

i’m sorry but this file is made only for illustrator as written in the item description :(

Hi andrea, just wanted to ask. which font your are using for the infographics? thanks a lot

the font is called DIN Pro :)

Very nice, the best i’ve found of infographics on here. Thanks !!!

thank you :)

really amazing work !

thank you :)

Really very useful, high quality graphics, much more and better quality than I could have done on my own, also a great source of design ideas. Andre is extremely responsive with any questions. Best recommendation!

thank you :)

Hi, cool work… The graphs are nice, but some of them are not data-editable, and that’s the most fundamental option for a infographic chart. The radar style are a no-sense without this edit-data option. Same for the bar-style. It could be a 5 stars with the graph-data option enabled, but being outlined it isn’t.

Hi diggeridoo, unfortunately illustrator doesn’t give this option for all the charts so of course some are not editable with simple datas but you have to manually adjust them… kind regards. :)

Hi, congrats for a beautiful template!

I was wondering, how much of the charts can be edited by simply entering values, instead of manually resizing graphical elements?

I have Illustrator, but no experience in using it. I’m familiar with Photoshop however, so I might be able to learn rather quickly…


Hi Merlac, thanks for the compliments!

All the pie charts can be edited by simply entering the values, while all the other elements need to be changed manually.

Illustrator is quite similar to photoshop as user interface, so i guess you should not have much problem using it; in any case feel free to contact me for every info you should need.

Kind regards

just want to say, amazing job..!!!. i like the design, thats so clean and good looking also :)

thank you for the compliments! hope you’ll enjoy the file! :)

are they able to export to InDesign? seems like the wording and numbers turn [unknown] into InDesign

Unfortunately you are right, when exporting them from illustrator to indesign, all the text cannot be exported correctly (it’s a software “bug”).

Is there any way to export the files into a word document?

I’m sorry, it is not possible :(

When I update the data the graph disappears. I tried to follow the instructions from previous Q & A but the problem still persist. Can you please help. Pls not ethat I am a newbie.

Hi Please contact me through my profile page and i’ll be happy to help you! :)


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