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Nice and cool design ;) Good luck.

Glad you like it ! Big thanks BaGeRa and good luck for you too :)

Hi KH2838 ,

Which of the Rockwell’s do I need to buy?

Hi silverback,
Rockwell is an OpenType font (Windows and Macintosh Platforms).
First, I advise you to read the powerpoint presentation or try to change the “Rockwell” text on it (example: trying to change the title at the bottom of each Slide) in order to verify the existence of the “Rockwell” font on your PC.
If you don’t own the Rockwell font and you notice that the appearance of police change, You can buy “Rockwell Std” font here
You can find more infos about Rockwell font here

Thanks djjeep ! Glad you like it :)

I’m interested in buying this item. Can I change the speedometer dials and the values of the all the charts after I buy? I’m looking to use this for a talk on statistics and I want to make sure all the charts are fully customizable in Photoshop.

Hi balajiviswanathan,
Thank you for your interest !
Yes of course, Values of the all the charts are fully customizable (All based on shapes) in both Photoshop and Powerpoint files. The speedometer dials is also customizable You can rotate it by clicking and place it on the value you want, But the values ??of the speedometer is not editable.

Hi I just bought this because I am bery interested in using this design for a project. Yet, it will not let me download this. It has downloaded to my computer but when I try to open it in powerpoint it says it needs to be repaired. Any suggestions?

Hi kdues19,
First, Thanks a lot for buying my item.
I can not understand what is exactly your issue, but I think it’s not related to my item, because I have not received any issues like this before.
Certainly, it’s related to your Powerpoint version or a Problem of this type on your PC.Please check your used program for decompressing ZIP or powerpoint version you use. (Maybe you try to open the PTTX file with an older version).
Also, make sure you have finished the process of downloading the Main Zip File correctly.
Feel free to contact me if the problem still exist and you need more help.Thanks !

Which better for editing this template. Keynote or Powerpoint?

Thank you.

- R

I think it’s the same, this is according to your competence for each software., You can choose powerpoint version since it’s the basic version.
Thanks for your comment rhysgregory :)


I’m very interested in purchasing this template. However, I was wondering if you could first tell me how PowerPoint graphs & charts were made. 1) Are they attached to data? 2) Are they easily editable via Excel?

I love the design – I’m looking to use the charts & graphs with my own data (Excel) for a presentation.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks USAgency

Hi USAgency,
Yes of course ! Graphs & Charts are directly editable on Powerpoint, they are made using the smart Powerpoint tool of graphics, They are attached to a data and easily editable via Excel.
Thanks for your interest !

Amazing work on this :)

Thanks a lot Rafael. You have a great Portfolio toot ! Good Luck :)

which Rockwell font do you mean:

Rockwell Std?

Or the whole family. Please be specific as the whole family costs over 200$ but one costs 22$.

I mean Rockwell Std, Thanks for the note & for purchasing my item. I want also to mention that this font will be installed by default as a package with the Adobe CS. Please check it on your PC before you buy it.

This may be a silly question but how do I get this on to power point?

It’s very simple, if the PowerPoint software is already installed on your machine, you have just to buy the template, download the zip file, unzip it, then double click on the PPT or PPTX file, it will run automatically. Thanks :)

I have paid and done all this but it only works on Photoshop. I have tried it on new and old versions and same thing. Waste of $15 (actually $22) if I can’t get it to work.

First, I noticed that you haven’t yet purchased my item. Regarding the issue, I ‘m sure that it’s not due to my item, may be it’s caused by a problem with your powerpoint software or your PC. try to test it on another machine. if you still have a problem, you can contact me via the contact form on my profile page, we can schedule a screen meeting to help you doing this.

this ppt is good, is it okay for me(only me) to make many slide files using this theme?

You can do that as far as they are not intended for sale and you will not use it with an abusive way. If you seek for more flexibility please buy the Extended License.

This is so perfect for my presentation. I’m excited! Thank you!

I’m glad that you like it.
Thank you so much for your comment.
I wish you good success with it :)