Discussion on Ink Sketch Lines - 32 Illustrator Brushes

Discussion on Ink Sketch Lines - 32 Illustrator Brushes

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I have been need that kind of illustrator for my store of this is available or not?

Hi My first time trying illustrator brushes. I usually use the pen tool. Now I like your brushes, but can you help out? When I do a medium to long line they look great, but when I do a short line, the concertina up and look scrunched. Is there a way to stop this, so the lines look as clean as the ones you have in the preview? Also, your site link does to a site with issues.

Hey Rob… The brushes are set to stretch to fit a path. Some of the more wavy lines will appear bunched up on shorter paths. There’s a couple of things you can do…

1. Double click the brush in the main “Brushes Panel” once selected (not the panel that brushes opened up in) and set the “Brush Scale Options” to “Scale Proportionately”

2. You can also reduce the strokes weight from the Stroke Panel to something less than 1 (.3 or .1 for example)

3. The set includes several straight and several wavy lines. You can choose one of the less wavy brushes for your shorter strokes. This is the option that I prefer as it helps make your drawing look more natural with varied ink lines.

Hope that helps! Also, thanks for the heads up on the broken links in my profile. I fixed those :-)

how to put this to photoshop?

Hi there… these are Illustrator brushes. They work in Adobe Illustrator only.

sorry but where can I find the brush file??

You can open the .ai file directly by double-clicking it or install it through the brushes panel. Either one should work fine.

Hello, can you fix the overlapping problem with these brushes on Illustrator?

You bet… The updated file is in the review queue now. And as a bonus, I completely updated the set. You’ll now be able to overlap the strokes, adjust the colors of the strokes and I added 11 more NEW brushes to the set, for a total of 32 brushes. You’ll be notified when the update is approved and ready for download.

The update has been approved now… So you can grab the new files!

Thank you!

Hi GraphicMonkee,

Like the Vector Art Brush Kit, can you fix the overlapping problem with the brushes,



Yes… I’ll see what I can do. I’ll post an update here when it’s done.

HI :)

great brushes! Is there a way to make/edit them to be pressure sensitive (draw thick and thin)???? Thank you!

Yes, You can make the width of each brush pressure sensitive in the brushes options panel.

— excellent brushes!

Very clever and nicely done. Useful tool. These ended up costing me $6USD since the come-on “deposit” deal is for chunks of $20 at a time, not very useful to me. So PayPal was $6USD. Not all that pleased with the payment arrangement but I am pleased to have these brushes on hand.

tnx man

These are great, thanks. It’s the first item i have purchased for my noobie work in Illustrator so the ice is broken :)

Thanks! Best of luck with Illustrator… You’ll never look back! ;-)

Answer to my own question…needed to expand, take off the non-zero winding attribute and recreate the brushes.

Hey5, can you email me a screenshot of the issue that you are experiencing? Thanks!

Not working well at all. I’m in CS5 . Anyone know why if I overlap a continuous stroke (ie. a picture drawing swirling doodle blob), the colour goes white. Does that make sense? Essentially everywhere my stroke overlaps itself, it becomes white and so it’s creating these strange white nodes all over the place.

I can’t change the color of the brush stroke. I’m using CS5 . Any idea y?

Hi there… You can always expand the stroke and then change the color.

These types of brushes in Illustrator are so so useful so I’m bookmarking this for use as soon as a project comes along with the need for it. Good stuff. :)


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