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Love this!!! GLWS

Thank you :)

Amazing effect! GLWS ;)

Thanks for the action. I have photoshop 2015 CC but there is no oil paint plug in. It doesn’t even exist. Is there a way to fix that? I know how it fix it if it was grayed out but it doesn’t’ even exist.

Hello! As I know, officially the oil paint filter is absent in Photoshop CC 2015. It available only in CS6, CC, CC 2015.5+ and CC 2017+. So I recommend to update your Photoshop to the latest version of Photoshop, or you can some of these versions of Photoshop.

Also you can use this action on your computer without Oil paint filter but the result will be not smooth but still very similar with my examples. For that you just need to skip all steps with oil paint filer (about 30 times). It’s non comfortable, so I think the update to latest version of Photoshop will be better way for you.


Hello, Thanks for your reply. I upgraded my photoshop to CC 2017. Oil paint problem is fixed, Now when I run the script half way through I get “command select is not currently available” at stage “Select brush “InkB001”

Hello! This errors shows when the brushes file isn’t loaded. Please make this step again:

Also I recommend to load a patterns file again:

And I little worry about the name of brush “InkB001”. My brushes has a names like a “Ink Sketch_brush_1”. Are you sure that you run my action?

Please let me know if your problem will not resolve.


Would this work with the current CC 2017 version? Thanks

Hello! Yes. This action works in Photoshop CC 2017.


Hi there, does this work with CC 2018, I’ve uploaded the oil paint filter files into plugins folder but doesnt seem to work ?

I tried also: Removing the files… Then Photoshop Cc2018 just crashes halfway through the process.

These are the files I downloaded for the oil filter.

GreycShop -Greyc-helper.bin -Greyc-x64.8bf -Greyc.8bf -USM2-x64.8bf -USM2.8bf

Hello! This action tested and works fine in Photoshop CC 2018.

Please try to reinstall you Photoshop and if your Oil paint filter is grayed out, please follow the recommendations on this page:


Dear buyers!

This action was tested and works fine in latest Photoshop CC 2018.

If you use the latest Photoshop CC 2018, please use the action file from the “CC 2015.5+ version” folder. If a “CC 2015.5+ version” folder contains few versions of the action, please use a version for CC 2017.

If you don’t have a “CC 2015.5+ version” folder into an archive with the action, it’s means that the basic action file works good in all versions of Photoshop.

Many thanks and good luck! :)

The action stops for me at Levels layer is empty. Any input would be appreciated

Hi! Please try to load a patterns file again and then please play the action again. This step:

Also please check the opacity and flow values. It must be 100% before play the action.


2018 oil filter working but your actions says “The command “Oil Paint Plugin” is not currently available (UPDATE) sorry wrong atn version, works now)


Thanks for update! Glad to see that all works fine :)

Hi, could you possibly make a brush set compatible with CS5.1?

Hello! Unfortunately this action doesn’t work with Photoshop CS5, so even if would can to load a brushes file you will get many errors about Oil paint filter.

The COMPATIBLE versions of Photoshop is CS6, CC, CC 2015.5+, CC 2017+, CC 2018+ and only computers with available OIL PAINT FILTER inside a Photoshop.


Hi Eugene, I’ve bought your action and been using it a lot. I’ve found it sometimes doesn’t work. The most recent is ‘warning:no pixels are selected’ at the part of the action that is highlighted ‘contract’. I then click ‘ok’ and it moves forward then says ‘the command stroke is not available’. I’ve checked that brushes are loaded. I’ve checked that patterns are loaded. I’ve switched to all useable versions of photoshop. Ive done everything asked and it still doesn’t work. Any help at all would be amazing.

Hello! To speed up the finding of the reason of this error I need to see a fullscreen screenshot with your first error. I answered on your email and I will wait more information about this problem to help you.

Best regards, Eugene.

Thank you for being so quick and helpful in your responding. All is working fine now, like you said I needed to increase my image size and hadn’t realised my photoshop was sometimes opening the 2018 version. Thanks again for your help Eugene

Hello! You’re welcome. And thanks for your feedback :)

hello! I’m trying to use your action set and it always stops on the oil paint filter (the command “oil paint plugin” is currently not available). I’m using the latest version of photoshop 2018 on win10 64bit and the oil paint filter works just fine if a use it manually. strange thing is, in your action, the oil paint filter is called “oil paint plugin” ... if I record a action on my own using the oil paint filter, inside the action it is only called “oil paint” ... are you using a different filter instead of the standard one, because like this, it doesn’t work with the standard one on the latest version of PS.

Hello! The reason of this error is that you use a non compatible version of action. Please pay attention that you need to use an action file from “CC 2015.5+, CC 2017+” folder. This action file works good also with Photoshop CC 2018. So a solution for you is to delete Ink Sketch action from your Photoshop and then load Ink Sketch Photoshop Action (CC 2015.5+. CC 2017+) and play the action again.

Best regards, Eugene.

omg. so easy. i checked everything else but oversaw the logical thing … tnx for the quick answere


You’re welcome :)

Hello! Such a wonderful action! Love it… I just have a question… is there any way to make the background transparent not white? I have tried various things but cannot find good option for it… thanks. Angie


Unfortunately you can’t do that because of the action working algorithms.

But you can put your own background instead of the “Background Elements” folder and save the result.


The action keeps stopping for me at Levels layer is empty..

I tried loading brushes and patterns twice, same thing….

I’m on latest PS CC 19.1.6 on mac and Oil filter is enabled.

Please help.


Please try to load a patterns file again and then please play the action again. This step:

Use only the way that was displayed in the video.