Interstellarize - Cosmic Scene Action

Interstellarize - Cosmic Scene Action

I’m glad to show you my new product. Interstellarize – Cosmic Scene Action.

What’s included?

  • 1 .atn File with 12 actions
  • 1 .abr Files (Interstellarize Brush)
  • The Brush is handmade!

  • Help file, demonstration video to see how the action works and how to import brushesh and actions in Photoshop!

    • 1.Stars – (Create stars with our own brush)
    • 2.Create a planet – (Place the circle where u want and create a planet!)
    • 3.Texture it – (Add dynamics and life on the planet)
    • 4.Light Reflection – (Stunning Light Reflection effect)
    • 5.Clouds – (Create a clouds and if u don’t like it, delete the layers and use your own brush for clouds or add your favourite background, that you created)
    • 6.Adjusments – (Change the colors, tones, contrasts, etc of your new world.)
    • 7.Add Blur – (Control the focus of the image)
    • 8.3Dscene – (Transform your world into 3d world and put your glasses!)
    • 9.Lens Flare – (Another cool reflection effect, you can add.)
    • 10.Gradient Overlay – (Let’s mix some colors!)
    • 11.Add Contrast – (Add a little more life to your planets.)
    • 12.Create a planet 2: Easy Way – (Second method to create a planets, but it’s very easy and simple.)

    You can combine the actions, for amazing effects!

    - There are some stop messages with explanations and tips for better work. Follow the steps or check out my tutorial!

    Update 1.0 (22.09.2015) – Added CS6 .atn version. Fixed a problem with the language.

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    Regards, u3poTuKa