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incredible work…

Thanks brother.

Thank you bro…

Are the photoshop, indesign and excel files different versions of the invoice? Or will the buyer use the 3 together to create his invoice?

(I saw the youtube video, it demonstrated the excel version. I do not understand, how does it work with indesign and photoshop and excel? Thanks.)

They are same designs. Indesign, photoshop, excel and openoffice files included. I want to show how it works like a program on excel and openoffice.

Best Regards.

But you know, these formulas only works in excel and openoffice. Functions not available in photoshop and indesign.

There are separately 44 files you can use.

Thank you.

Hi there!

This invoice looks sooo nice! I would like to ask just one thing before buying: how does it handle multi page invoices? My dad has a lot of items to ad in his invoices and I would like to know how they print out. Also, since my dad is not that familiar with Excel, is it easy enough to ad extra items line in the print sheet?

Thank you!

Hi, thanks for kind of words.

Yes, it is easy to add extra items line. A little knowledge of excel. I wrote kind of formulas in it. When you add lines, you have to check formulas. Hierarchy is simple. You have to change some numbers and done. For further help just email me through my profile page.

Best regards. Burak.

Hello. Great job! Please, can you add a pdf preview file or send it to my e-mail? There is only tutorial avaiable and I am interested in seeing complete invoice.


Hi. Thank you. I will but i can’t see your email. Please, can you send me an email through my profile page?

Best Regards.


Hello, a very nice template, great work,(elinize saglik:)) i have a slight problem, i made a .png logo for the top left right, since it uses %75 scale on print, i think that is the main reason, when i export to print pdf, it gives a crappy aliasing to the logo, because it also scales the image, but it only scales at the printing phase, so is it possible to make a %100 version of it? the reason is, this template is very useful, because it also has item list sheet, and customer sheet, so its possible to merge it with an xml database, again, very nice job, maybe there is a very simple solution for my problem but i am yet to find it, /cheers

Hi my friend. Thanks for purchasing and kind of your words. ( Tesekkur ederim :) ) I tried your logo scaling problem right now. Scaling may cause your problem. Try first scaling 75%. I mean, when you open files, first of all, u have to set printable area to 75%. Then insert your .png image. Scale it. Then reorder image to “Send to Back”. Done. Now in pdf file, your image exactly will seem as excel file.

is it possible to %100 version? Yes, but hard work bro. it can be done with some cell rearrangements.

Best Regards.


Hey guys, i have the same problems when i try to create a pdf file. I’m on 75% scaling but the whole icons for phone and so on appear on other places in the pdf document. In Print everthing is fine.

Have you some issue for that problem? thank you.

Hi again. I tried .xls file and save a screenshot. Your Office Program may cause your problem.

Here is the screenshot : link

What version of MS or Open Office u are using?

Hi there, im using MS Office 2007. its ok now for me, i have moved the icons to the position in the document so, that they appear on the right place in the pdf file. my clients wont see my xls file ;)

Hi, i am glad to hear that :) i wish you print out more and more invoices this year :) best wishes…

GORGEOUS. Five stars!

Thanks bro. I did my best. I need to know why there is 2×3 stars and a 2 stars ratings. But people never talk about their ratings.

Best regards… Burak.

Can I use this with in google docs/sheets?

Hi mate, can you please contact support for that. If you buy, there is a regular license, and you can use files for any of your end produCts. Any multiple using is not allowed for regular license. For personal use, I think, there is no problem.

Best regards. Burak.


Can you please provide me a .docx version of this template ? I really like it but I need it in a word document.

Thank you Ernest

Thank you for explaining. I appreciate your busy schedule.

I purchased the file. I just don’t have the softwares to convert it as you described. I can’t get anyone to help me either. Respecting your busy schedule, I can only appeal to you again to help me. Please

Thanks for purchasing my friend. Contact me through my profile page. Send me an email. May you describe which page size and which colored page you need.



just bought your design, very nice and very practical. well done.

i have 1 question: in the excel format they a dark blue design and a light blue design i use mac and i cant open the dark blue design call “blue-a4” and its the same for every color in excel even in the letter folder.

(blue-a4.xls cannot be access) The file may be read only or you may be trying to access a ready only location. or the server the document is stored on may not be responding.

So i was wondering am i missing something? as excel file it should open


Hi there, thanks for purchasing my friend. I have never gotten a feedback like this. Can you download zip file again?

There must be exact files I mentioned in description. I am waiting your respond.

Best regards. Burak.

sorry about the long delay in replying it seems to work fine now :)

i have a question:

in excel how can i have additional rows without disturbing this great code, when i tried i seem to mess the code, what ill be the best way to do it safely.


It is one page design. I am suggesting to you print 2 pages of invoices seperately. I mean, if there is 9 pieces of product you have sold, print 6 products in first page and 3 products in another page seperately.

But, I have made it flexible bro with error protecting ;)

Copy entire rows from excel file by selecting with arrow on row numbers. Then insert them bottom row of exact 6th product’s description cell’s row. Check formulas. If cell names (like C2, D2, F3) stayed as same as copied ones, you can figure out the formula hierarchy. Formula is simple. Follow the original file’s formula rules from top to bottom (1nd to 6th)

For further help, just send me an email through my profile page.

Best Regards.

Thanks a lot for this it helped very much, and after looking at the video as well you have on youtube it made more sense how it works.

Thanks i can add more rows and all is well


Utilizo esta plantilla a diario para mis factura y presupuestos y es la base de mi negocio, clientes, articulos, proveedores… Solo faltaria que estubiera en formato Google Docs! Genial muy aconsejable

Hi there! Please English my friend. Also thanks for purchasing ;)


I bought this invoice to use the excel sheet. But after downloading it and when I wanted to print it, its out of the alignment. When I adjusted it, most of the columns are hidden.

Hi Geralddaniel,

Please check out your paper size. I think, your paper and your selected file did not match.

Thanks for purchasing by the way. Regards. Burak.

Hi Burak,

I have set the page size to A4 and it is still out of the margin, way out.


Hi Gerald,

Please try this : open a file from a4 folder. Select print scale from general menu by 75 percent. You should see printable area. (dotted blue lines) Then print first page.

Also you can watch my youtube video. You will see the lines at the end of video.

There shouldn’t be any issue. I am waiting your respond.

Best regards.

Can you give me some advice on saving out a pdf of only the invoice portion (Your company logo to Grand Total at the bottom) using excel. Also, does it work with Mac’s version of xcel, Numbers?

Hi there,

You can use indesign files for to save out pdf. Also files are ready for every version of excel.


How do you save out just the invoice portion using excel?

Before saving, I choose the only first page.

i wanna use invoice in my language, which is a RTL one.
can i use it in rtl? i myself suppose i can change the direction in Excel file, right?
and a question, can i add more lines so the invoice will become two pages?

so if i cancel the formulas, and i myself calculate things, there is no problem in either RTL or more rows. right?

Yes brother.

If you add more rows, please see printable area before printing.