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This item even has the image of the iPhone! Thanks!

Thanks mate :3 Cheers

Hi Just a pre-purchase question, does this actually work with photoshop cs3, and still keep the perspective views intact? A lot of the mock up files on GR say they work with CS3, and the last one I bought didn’t work when you tried to edit the smart object – the pesperctive got screwed when saving. Have you used a perspective or warp on the smart object to get this effect? – perspective on a smart object won’t work in cs3!

Cheers Jeff

Tested it and unfortunately some of the mock-up styles will not work in cs3. the only ones that will work will the the straight-up-front facing mockups. no the isometric views and side views no tilt views. Fixing this will have to do some work in your part

1) after replacing the smart object you need to rasterize it
2) then skew it to fit the screen
3) and say “uggg why did i buy this crap”

Yes perceptive wrapping and skewing will not work on cs3 if the item was not made in cs3 (even if it is it will have problems making it look real).

For the anchor point of smart object works differently in “cs3” -> “cs4 and above”

CS3 smart object anchor points are relative to the position of the other anchor point (in other words crappy)

Warning: All of the mock-ups you will purchase using perspective will have this problem if you use Photoshop cs3.

In conclusion there are about 2 mock up orientation that will work in cs3 in this package the one that is standing facing front and the one that is lying facing front but not all of them are functional

Thanks for the inquiry hope this clears things up.

changed the minimum version to cs4 to prevent any more mishap purchases with this item. Your awesome in pointing that out. Thank you for the info

no worries, thanks for the info…gutted as i only have cs3 and can’t afford to upgrade :(

nice one totopc.:) Recommend buying this item..

nice :D

Can the background be transparent as well?

Yes it can, all are individual layers, the phone is a separate layer. here is the sample phone layer activated without the background


Thank you for the inquiry please be sure you’re Photoshop is version CS4 or higher