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Dude, that is one awesome template. Very clean, very high quality, very well documented. Thank you for saving me a whole bunch of work!

Dude, Thank you very much! I am really very glad that it was useful for you. Thank you very much for your support!

Hi. I have loaded both files in my actions folder (OS X), when i run the script I get a bunch of comments about something being missing, i press continue and it keeps telling me all these different things are missing. I’m using Photoshop 2014 CC.

The object “style “FloorIsometricMockUP.lightness.floor_reflection”” is not currently available.

The object “style “IsometricMockUP.volume.sub_shading”” is not currently available.

The object “style “IsometricMockUP.volume.light_shading”” is not currently available.

The object “style “IsometricMockUP.volume.dark_shading”” is not currently available.




Thank you for purchasing! It’s easy, you have to install styles (.asl file) also. Read Documentation.pdf file of how to do that.

Regards, Vlad

Excellent job!! really you done a great job !!

Hi, thanks for your awesome item.

I’m facing a problem, when I try to play a action in my design, it shows http://prntscr.com/7i40p2. Now what to do?

Thanks in Advance :)

Hi, Thank you for purchasing! I Can’t see the image, it isn’t exist. Contact me through contact form here: http://graphicriver.net/user/Vladuha

I used this action and works awesome :D But a simple problem I feel. The upper right corner of the perspective object doesn’t feel properly distorted. Is it just me or …..

Thanks :)

Hello Thank you for purchasing! It depends what you meant. :) It have parallel perspective, for ability of using multiple objects without confused side proportions.

cab use in adobe indsign? and with arab font

I can’t open ASN & ATN files?


Hello, Thank you for purchasing! Try another way of installation. Inside programm go to File > Open and install necessary files

Best Regards

how it work?

It works in Photoshop only

Hey Vlad. Love this action! One question – When I drag and drop the .asl file into Photoshop, I get this error…

Could not place “isometric_ground_mockup_styles.asl” because no parser or file format can open the file.

Hi, Thank you for purchasing! Try to install necessary files another way – go to File > Open and then choose files you need. It should work. Best Regards

That doesn’t look like it works either. Both items are greyed out. I am running PS CC 2015. I drag and dropped the action into the actions folder perhaps I can drag and drop the style? What preset folder should it go in?

It works in CC 2015. Maybe you doing something wrong? Make sure you use 72 ppi document. Please read documentation pdf file to make sure you are doing all in a right way.

This is one very nice and clean actions template. It is very clean and of high quality, well documented and right to the point. Thank you so very much for saving me a lot of work!

Hello, Thank you for purchasing! You are welcome! I am very glad that it was handy :bigsmile:

This is an excellent product which does exactly what it claims to do. I love it. Thank you so much!

Hello! Thank you for purchasing! You are welcome! It is very pleasant for me that it works well to you :bigsmile:

Great file, absolutely 5 star! But i need a little smaller version, 5px. Do you planning the update in the future?

Hello! :) Thank you very much for purchasing. Yes, there was a plan on it. Thank you very much for your feedback I am very appreciate it! :bigsmile:

ok! I think if you put it in the pack more variations, it would be increase your sales. But i say again, the file is pixel perfect and very-very usable. This is not a simple mockup, this is a multipurpose action. Good job mate! : D http://videohive.net/item/core-lower-third/13119643

Once again thank you! And thank you for your advise mate! :bigsmile:

hi, Is there video tutorials for this?

Hi, Thank you for purchasing! Unfortunately no, but you can follow instructions inside documentation.pdf to know how to work with this action.

Good Mock-UP Actions :)

Thank you very much :)

Hi, thank you for your amazing work. I love this Mock Up action. I have a little problem with text. Basically the text layer is cropped from left & right. I have tried to resize text or change the text settings etc. I have Photoshop CS6 on Mac. Could you please tell me what I’m doing wrong. Many thanks!

Hi, Thank you for purchasing and thank you for kind words! Try to make canvas bigger then the text you are trying to use. I think it may help. Is it works?

Hi. Thanks for the action. I am using PS CC and somehow the shapes are not getting the depth shadow…do you have any idea why? Thanks.

Hi, Thank you for purchasing! Sure I’ll help you, but I must see that. Please send me a screenshot to kvodes@gmail.com

Good Work Vlad …

Thank you very much :bigsmile:

Thank you for you work Vlad. Is it possible to apply different layers different depth by 1 action? Could you please add standing isometric mockup to this actions like this one http://designerhype.com/free-psd-isometric-perspective-app-mockups-vol-1/