Discussion on Isometric Map Icons - Cars and Traffic

Discussion on Isometric Map Icons - Cars and Traffic

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Finally your work is SUPER. :-)

Good Luck!

Thanks DesignPad!!!

fantastic work GLWS ;)

Thank you!

Beautiful work ;)

Many thanks! :)

Looks brilliant. Congratulations :)

Thank you ! ;)

Hi! I’m using this cool set of icons and I was missing the same car in different points of view, I was wondering if it could be possible to have them in the four points of view, I mean front, back, left and right … That would be really helpful :-) Thanks again!!! Your products are great!

Hey bydanimarti, thank you for the kind words! The icons are handmade, it would be a big hassle. At the moment this is not possible. I am sorry. Mic

Hi Mic! I have developed this Experimental Interactive Resume using your tools (3D Map and icons) ... You can take a look here Maybe you want to use it to show other possibilities to your potential clients… About the icons, I had to use a van from somewhere else because it had the front and back isometric views I needed but I would love to use only your icons. I don’t like to ask for stuff for free (I’m a seller too, so I know how it feels), but if you could provide any car you want in the four points of view it would be awesome! I’m still playing with the technical limitations but I plan to send the “experiment” to websites where feature new designs and usability, and I will give credit to you for the map and icons. I totally understand if you don’t want to provide those icons, but I had to ask just in case you could be interested. Thanks again!

Wow! Amazing- Thanks for sharing your “experiment” Dani! I’ll show it in the icons description :) Great idea!

It’s a great item to buy if you wanna go fast with your map work…. but in this Car and Traffic icon set I miss the veicles in all directions of view… and I also miss a motocycle icon… well, thats my only complain. If the autor plan to launch a new version of this box I will be glad to buy it.. :)

Hey Isotton, many thanks! The “motocycle” is a fine idea. All icons are handmade. All directions would be a lot of work ;)

There is no motorcycle? Hey!