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i cnt seem to access the smart object layer to change the image. is that normal?

Hello, Thank you for purchasing! Yes, it’s a normal behavior. The main idea is to apply effect to image or images for fast performance.

I see you have two Isometric actions .. which one is the latest i just purchased this one. I just tried it and got a sort of weird perspective on a sample image not bad but not perfect. I didn’t check the dpi on the doc could have something to do with it

Is it limited to mobile app mockup or I could use for website mockup?


Thank you for your question. Size is not limited.

Then may be you should also include “Desktop app” in tags of this item details? Your item tags says it’s only for mobile & tablet apps. Let me know If it’s same worth for Web App Desktop Mockup too?

Thank you for your advice, and attentiveness to the details. Actions can be used for desktop apps, any kind of images and even photos. The only science behind this action’s process is that it needs the image. If your image is too huge, you would be getting less 3d volume at the end result, but in this case you can add more depth to make it look consistent to your design. And vice versa, after process, you can leave it alone, it’s all up to you. To sum up, yes, you can use these actions for desktop apps too.

Zero 3d depth possible?

You mean just transform without depth? Yes it’s possible.

Please try to provide update for this product with all the angles possible. I’m in need of other angles. Other wise I like your product.

Keep getting command is not available. Action opens mac preview. seems extremely messy to be charging people for this

Doesn’t work with latest photoshop on Mac. Don’t buy

How to edit a border after converting to Isometric (change color, texture) ?

Hello it keeps on saying The Apply Command is not avalible…

Hello, Thank you for the purchasing! Please contact me through the contact form here: https://graphicriver.net/user/vladuha


TheRPM Purchased

I just purchased both this action and Isometric Ground Mock-UP Actions. I am feeling a bit ripped off. Please explain the differences between the two besides the word “Ground” in the title.

I just bought Isometric Mock-UP Actions. When I load the two files, nothing happen within PhotoShop. According to instructions, I should “drag and drop them into the program”...which program ? PhotoShop ? Please, can you help ? Thanks a lot. HENRI

Hello Henri, Thank you for the purchase. Yes, you must load files through the Photoshop. If you have any other questions please send me a mail through the contact form here https://graphicriver.net/user/vladuha

Hey.. why I always get this message : “The command “Apply” is not currently available.” can you help me? thanks

CC 2018? working?

Hi Matthew,

Thank you for your question. Yes it works in CC2018.

Sent you an email :)