Discussion on Isometric Tower Defense Game Kit Pack - Sprites, Backgrounds

Discussion on Isometric Tower Defense Game Kit Pack - Sprites, Backgrounds

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can I use this with construct 2 and adobe animate

HI, Yes you can. /Julia



Will i get all assets png and jpeg image in pack or i have to get it from photoshop my self?

will this pack contain background for splash screen and main game screen and playing screen? OR just icons and player?

will i get logo and screenshot in multiple size for upload my game in play store?

Hello, do you offer help to publish the game in google play?

Hi, sorry but we only design game art for game developers. We are not publishers :) /Julia

Hi. We are interested in your pack, but we are not sure it is good for us. Could you give us animation of one character and one shooting tower? (Kind of demo version.) Thank you.

Certainly :) please email us and they will be happy to assist and send you a sample, or provide an email here and I will make sure you receive a sample. /Julia

Email sent with a sample. /Julia

The dragon spine files cant be loaded, seem to be corrupted, could you please have a look at them?

Unfortunately spine does not offer older versions for download

Did you email their support? We have actually received several versions from them – but it’s not available on the website. /Julia

We are now solving the issue – it was an update on Spine that caused it. We should update the pack today but will confirm once it’s approved by Envato. /Julia


I am really interested in the sprites but I see that there is no attack and hit animations.

Is it plan to add it in the future? Or is there a way to create it easily (I don’t have any knowledge in the design or animation of sprites)?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, thank you for your interest in the product. There is a hit animation which is a general animation containing blood/gore that can be used. For attack – that can actually be simply achieved. We have included SPINE project files and to be honest, you should give it a go since it is quite simple to animate and it is now also integrated with Unity if that’s what you are using. /Julia

Nice Work. GLWS :)

Thanks :) /Julia

Excuse me…. I can not speak English. I use Google Translator.

While looking around the pinterest, The picture was great and I bought it. I purchased a regular license for the game, but I do not understand the license. It was full of very difficult English. I would appreciate your simple reply to my question.

1. Can I release games to the Google Play Store? 2. Can I release my game to the Google Play Store for a fee? 2. Can I change the size? 3. Do you allow minor variations?

Thank. Space_Gecko.

Hi, thank you for the purchase. The answer to ALL your questions is YES :) good luck with your game! /Julia

Really Amazing work !!! Hope you many sales Space_Gecko !

Thanks micfont! We’ve been featured now which is really awesome :) /Julia

fantastic work ! all the best for your sales ;)

Thank you! :) We’ve got more stuff we are releasing now before the holidays.

Very nice graphics and a lot of them. You are wonderfully talented. Would love to get more if you make any more.

:) Thank you for the positive feedback. At the moment we are working on some more Pixel Art assets, some Vector based animated style and some Isometric Vector based. This exact style will be next, but won’t be released until beginning of next year, since these type of graphics are most time consuming to get it just right! /Julia

OK Thanks

Hi there, can you let me know what is included in the latest update please?

Certainly, we will make future updates more clear in the future. A generic death Animation has been added. Please see Characters/Generic Death Animation Folder. :) /Julia

Please let us know what’s included in the 9/16 update. Thanks.

We only updated the description and product images. No assets were changed in side this product with this update. Sorry for the confusion. /Julia

Can’t find a list of animations on characters. Do they have animations like attack, death, etc?

Hi, we have walk animations in 4 isometric directions. (left/right/back/front) We also have a Generic death animation with exploding gore/blood/body parts. We will update with images within 24h. There are also Spine Project files included for your own custom animations. We haven’t created any attack animations for characters, but all towers have directional attack animations. Let us know if you have any other questions? /Julia

Hi, I bought the assets but i think it can’t be used in my game :( Do you have orthographic assets or can u suggest how i can use it in orthographic side view?? Regards, Sanket Bafna

Hi, I have requested the refund and envato says it gets forwarded to author. Hope you can issue the refunds if possible. Thanks!

We will certainly refund once the refund reaches our support department. /Julia

In regards to your refund… we are waiting for your Fund request you need to issue before we can refund you.. :) /Julia


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