Item Description Elements

Item Description Elements

Item Description Elements  - 1
22 Different Elements With 5 Different Colors To Upgrade Your File To The Maximum!
It happens to almost every author out here, you are about to finish making your file just the way you wanted, and then comes the part where you have to write tons of words in a very little annoying box, and those who are less lazy and have some little strength after the exhausting work of making the file, spending more time on writing nice but not so great HTML Codes to make the description look more organized.
If you identify with this, so this file will be great for you. All you will have to do is to upload the element you desire and fill it in the codes area which you will copy to the “tiny annoying box”. and some more words here and their wont hurt you with this great looking elements which will make your file better and more professional.
I suggest you to read this article to understand more about the importance of having a good item description.
Item Description Elements  - 2

  • Layered PSD for each element
  • .TXT File with the HTML code for each element
  • Preview JPEG & ‘Read Me’ File

Item Description Elements  - 3
  • Blue (GraphicRiver)
  • Brown (ThemeForest)
  • Green (AudioJungle)
  • Orange (ActiveDen, VideoHive, CodeCanyon, tutorials)
  • Red (3dOcean)

Item Description Elements  - 4
  1. Basic Photoshop Knowledge
  2. HTML Knowledge

Item Description Elements  - 5

Item Description Elements  - 6

  • Use the line break code between paragraphes if needed
  • The ‘Key Words’ Element was removed since using it is not allowed anymore!!!
  • TinyPic is the only image hosting site that I know which leaves the image background empty after uploading

Item Description Elements  - 7