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Discussion on Job Resume

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Hi, I’m from Lima, I really like the model, currently I only have peruvian soles and not dollars, how could I buy the product?


At the time of linking my credit card, a message appears stating that my card can not be accepted in my country of residence, which by the way is mastercard.

Hi Zecenarro, Unfortunately this is not something we can help you with as we are are only the authors of work. Try contacting Envato support about this,

Just purchased but DO NOT see any logo files at all. Non in the main PSD and non in the zip folder from download.

Please look at the supplied with the files.

Photoshop logos are supplied in Background.psd you will find this in the folder Logo_image>background.psd.

If you want to access the individual logos in Adobe Illustrator, they are supplied in folder Logo_Image>Illustrator_files.

Terrific template that stood out for me among all others. My one concern is – I have to show experience from the last 3 positions held and I fear the space might not be enough. Also, I note most of your templates only allow for 2-3 lines of experience which may not be the case with most experienced guys out there with much, much to show for experience. Which resume would you recommend me? Thanks

Thanks for the compliment.

If you you view the “screenshots” and you will see extra pages with more layout options (the screenshot button is just below the preview image).

Job Resume is a template, so it provides you with all the elements you need to create your own resume. If you have more job positions or texts you can adjust the template to add more pages.

All the best :)

I do not have the skills of Photoshop, can I use Microsoft word program to edit this awesome resume template? please answer me as soon as possible

You will need Photoshop to edit the logos and header image. It’s a simple process and you can download Photoshop to demo it for free at

I can’t find graduated edges in edit logo. Please contact me as asap.

Hi and thanks for purchasing Job Resume.

You can contact us directly at

Hi, I purchased this last week. I am having trouble opening the background.psd file Adobe Illustrator as it throws a “photoshop file not readable”. Please help!

Hi Sean,

I have responded to your direct message. You should have an email from me, so I will not reply here,

Thanks ;)

Hi, Do you have an html version?

Hi chgtech, thanks for purchasing Job Resume. No HTML, just the formats listed in the description. You could try exporting the content from the Indesign version

Got my dream job a few months ago using this great resume layout. Thanks for making it public!

That’s really great. Best of luck in your new job ;)

Just got my dream job using this resume! Thanks so much!

That’s really great news. Congratulations on your new job :)


I really like this template but don’t have Adobe CS. If I purchase this template, will I be able to use it?

You can just use Adobe Photoshop to edit this resume,

Another option available to you is offered when you purchase the resume. You can choose to customize the resume using Envato Studio, so if you don’t have the skills you can employ a freelancer to make it for you (this is an extra cost).

Hope that helps ;)

What a great work!

Many thanks ;)

The 24 image files are missing from my download! Either that or they are hidden. Please help!

Hi fyesdesign

Look inside the folder Job Resume Files look in the folder called LOGO_IMAGE, then open ‘Background.psd’. In the layers palette you will find a Layer group called IMAGES, look in there and you will see all 24 images.

Thanks ;)

Hi, My first time using Photoshop. I followed the Read_me.pdf and updated the Background.jpg with new logo & image. But when I clicked on the icon “Add Background.jpg image here”, I can’t seem to find a way to edit the default logo and image to replace with my updated Background.jpg. How do I “paste my new Background.jpg image” to replace the default? Can you please kindly let me know? Really appreciate your help. Thanks so much.

Hi Yichong

Thank you for purchasing Job Resume.

The image inside the ‘Job_Resume.psd’ is a place holder image and this is probably what is confusing you.

To replace it follow these simple steps:

Firstly open your newly created ‘Background.jpg’ file, then select all the image and copy. (Select>All, Edit>Copy).

Now open the ‘Job_Resume.psd’ file, click on the icon on the smart layer called ‘ADD Background.jpg IMAGE HERE’. The smart object will open with a demo place holder image inside. Simply paste your image here, then save and close the file. (Edit>Paste, File>Save, File>Close). Your new image will now be in place in Job Resume.

It should take just a few seconds to do.

If you need any other help please send us an email through our profile page.

Cheers ;)

Hi, Thanks so much, silly me.

Not a problem, best of luck with your job hunting. ;)

Hi ! Awesome Work ! Thx you very much !

I’ve seen that the template have marges for printing.. How should I print it correctly ? :)

Hi Tanaka, thanks for purchasing the files.

The files have bleed, which is the extra margin you have seen, this is to allow the trimming of the resume so as to not leave a white edge. Most printers can not print fully to the edge of a page so you may need to print on a larger paper size and cut the resume to size.

For the best results we would suggest you take your finished resume to your local copy shop they should be able to digital print and cut it for you.

If you need help with anything else just send us an email through our profile page.

Cheers ;)

Thx !

Awesome work, I really love it. :)

Many thank ;)

Well done on so many sales. This seems to be a really well thought out item, even though i am no expert in design or resumes.

Many thanks ;)

Many thanks :)

I love it! Awesome work! :)

Thanks ;)


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