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nice bro…..

Trims, Mei!

Great Job and congrats on the GOLD PAW ;)

Thanks again, Sherman! :)

@ShermanJackson & @Kinzi21 :

Wait? Is that a shinny gold paw new? :)

Thank you, Candeed.
Yes, I got it about three days ago. But it’s a loong wait I tell you. ;)

Congrats then, Kinzi21! :grin: As wise men say: “The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph..”

Very nice words, Candeed. I hope someday you will also reach your dream. :)

Great work & Congratz for your success friend :)

Thanks Rafael for the constant support!


The pensive student, how do we add it correctly as the photo is on a white background??



you need to remove the white background of the photo manually then resize the cropped image to fit the dark mage placeholder.

ah man that’s going to take me a while hehe

I cant make the placeholder image a smart object as another buyer may want different stock photo or perhaps their own student photo to put there. So its just a little effort on your side but believe me it will give you a sweet result ;)


I tried opening this document with CS6 Illustrator & Photoshop but it shows no layers or way to edit it.. Any suggestions?

Was the layer palette visible or still not open? Please note that this template should be edited in Photoshop.

Is it possible for me to resize it to 5.83×8.27 inches?

That’s possible but requires adjustments on every elements.

Hi there,

Before I purchase this can I use it without photoshop? I love the look and aside from changing the photos it’s exactly what I’d like to use for my school.

I have a newer mac with Inkscape installed for handling most of my SVG files but I’m still new at this stuff.


Purchased it… tried using it on GIMP because I don’t really need photoshop for what I do and it says this…

Error loading PSD file: Unsupported color mode: CMYK

Tried Pixlr.com to turn it into a PNG file (read somewhere that might help). It didn’t.

If you could help me that’d be cool…

There is no option unfortunately, you need to use Photoshop CS version to edit the templates.as those templates were created from that program. Gimp don’t support CMYK color format.