Discussion on Knitted Style Photoshop Actions

Discussion on Knitted Style Photoshop Actions

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Hello, I have tried to use this extension in CS3 and CS6 but in both it says no pixels are seleceted. I am doing something wrong but I did everything on the help file. Shall I create a new layer which I did not, resize the image to a defined size which I did, change dpi which I did? I have used it before but I am missing something :/ Regards.

Sorry for disturbing, there is a pattern sample in the original file and it was assigned to another software I use. I thought it was not related with the extension and after it was installed the code has worked. No help is needed. Very good extension I highly recommend it.

appreciate for letting me know! if at all possible, please rate this item


:) Thank you for buying

Love it!

I am really glad :)

Wow! It really works! It looks so realistic!! so…do you do needlepoint in real life lol?

I’ve just discovered photoshop actions… I’m super thrilled…LOL..I’ve been doing stuff like low-poly from scratch so this is the best thing since sliced cheese:)

:-) so glad you like them!

my mother does needlepoint and knitting. if you liked this action, please check out my embroidery and stitching collection:

hi, 2 questions: 1. Is it 300 dpi at the moment? 2. If the background is transparent will it remain transparent after the action?


1. it is only 72 dpi 2 yes, if you have a cutout object, the background will remain transparent(separate layers)

I don’t have a help file in my download. I keep getting messages that “this is not available”, “that is not available”, etc.

Hi, I’ve just double checked and there is a file “help.pdf” file in the zip file. Please follow the instructions in that file. The not available messages seem to indicate that you did not properly install the action

You were right, he help file was there it was just separated from the others. To be sure I was doing all correctly I deleted all the files and downloaded and reinstalled the new files. The first three actions run up to a point and then say contract is not available and then stroke is not available and then no pixels are selected. The fourth one runs fine almost to the end. I’m truly sorry to be such a pest.

You have to write me on my profile page to talk on email. I am sure we’ll find a solution!

Hello, I bought this action and have succeeded using it. Only when I tried to make canvas rectangle/ circle generator it kept on saying “the object brush “thread”” not available. I don’t understand what it means, please help me with this. Thanks.

Hi, did you follow all the steps in the help file? You need to install all necessary files, including the .abr file(s)

I’ve installed all the necessary files including the brush file. I’m using Photoshop CS 4—does the action work in this version? I’ve check all of the installed brush on the brush panel, only stitch brushes available, no “thread” brush.

This brush is not that important…does the action work well excepting this message? I will update the abr file but I am out of my office for 1-2 weeks.

Great item. How I can increase the knit size?

This action is not for print and for now the 100% size is the one from the preview.

Can you make the stitches larger?

No, you can not. You can try to resize the entire image but you will lose quality. This action is not for print.

Do you have a video showing how to use this?

No, I don’t have a video yet but you can read the Help File.

Only getting the mosaic pixelated look. At the “Set Selection” step it gives a “Warning No Pixels Were Selected” message. I hit ok and it continues but the end result is just a drop shadowed posterized image with a ripple smart filter. Looks nothing like the demo images.

Restarted photoshop and it works now. Sorry.

it’s just perfect if you can make some videos for your tools

I am glad you like it! The Knitted and Cross-stitch actions are one of the most easy to use actions that I made. But you are right I should make videos, the problem is always the time …

I must have no idea what I’m doing because I can’t get anything to look knitted whatsoever. It just looks really pixelated/posterized. If anybody can help me figure out where I’m screwing up or give me a nudge in the right direction, I’d appreciate it greatly!

No, and that’s where I was messing up. Can you change the color of the knit pattern?

OK, I might actually be getting somewhere with it now. Sorry for the badgering…lol. If I get stuck, I’ll contact you. Thanks!

Good luck and I hope it works ok :)

why on earth not 300 dpi…. make it 300 dpi for the love of … I would buy immediately if it was

It is too complicated. Mabe I will make another item with this theme but in another category and with another price.

Wonderful action, it really looks like knit!

Looking good. Is it 300DPI ? Thanks

Unfortunately, It is not 300dpi

Absolutely terrific effect! Was going through the action and discovered the step where the ‘V’ shaped pattern is applied to create the stitching base – is it possible to substitute another shape for the pattern (like the cross-stitch brush you included, for example) in order to vary the stitching possibilities? This is an awesome set of actions – Burt Monroy would be proud : )

I am glad you like it. About your question, everything is possible but I already have a crosstitch and needlepoint action :

can i apply the effect to texts too?

Yes you can. You can use any type of layer (Text, Vector shape or Raster). All you have to do is to carefully choose the font type and to use a big size. The font Intro for example works great.

yaY! you rock dude

Thank you for buying :)


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