KPI Dashboard Kit

KPI Dashboard Kit

KPI Dashboard Kit - PowerPoint Templates Presentation Templates

KPI Dashboard KIT This template kit contains ready made dashboard screens created with powerpoint. All the slides are animated and very easy to edit. The charts and graphs are fully editable with excel.
What is contains?

  • Overall performance meter
  • Performance evaluation meters
  • Customer service benchmarking
  • Customer satisfaction dashboards
  • MRR retention and expansion dashboards
  • MRR dashboard
  • MRR breakdown dashboard
  • Annual sales summary
  • Monthly sales growth and NPM
  • Monthly sales growth and bookmarking
  • Sales and sales commission analytics
  • Top performing sales representative
  • Sales analysis
  • Sales conversion dashboard
  • Annual cash-flow summary
  • Financial performance KPI
  • YTD dashboard
  • Accounting dashboard
  • Financial overview
  • CFo dashboard
  • Cash management dashboard
  • Marketing performance
  • Marketing KPI dashboard
  • CMO dashboard
  • PPC reporting dashboard
  • Marketing KPI dashboard
  • CMO dashboard
  • Social media marketing analysis
  • Top product performance
  • Top product customer satisfaction metrics
  • Cash-flow analysis by product
  • Expenses breakdown by product

This pack contains
  • Excel editable charts
  • Different chart widgets
  • Meters
  • Gauges

Please note that the images (Faces of the sales persons and managers and the photos in product mockups) are not included in the deliverables
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