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Love your clean style, good job!

Much appreciated env1ro! :-)

Nice and clean :) like it!

Thanks for the beautiful smile! :-)

Thanks Rafael! :-)

Looks great. Love the clean style.

Thank you simon! :-)

It’s looks great! :) I am glad that I was useful. Greetings for you anderworks!

You earned easily the 5 Stars! Thanks for the time savier! :-)

bust bought this. not my first one from u. not my last i feel.

yet, and only for my fault, cannot find the link to the Miso font sorry angelica

Hello Ramella, thank you for the purchase. You can download Miso from there:

me again. link folder looks empty. thanks again


The link folder is for your own pictures, graphics or logos. :-)

new users says Sorry thanks anderworks – your pieces are a pleasure

I am glad it worked out, good luck with your project!

nice! I love this !

Thank you zankover!


I just purchased your template…thank you! I have CS5 and when I try and open the file it alerts me that not all necessary plug-ins are available. Would you know which ones I need?

Nevermind…I guess I misunderstood what version to use for CS5 .

Thank you for the purchase and good luck with your project.

Excellent work. Very simple and elegant.

Many thanks for your kind words and your support! :-)

I thought I was downloading the 3D mock up PSD file (like in the pictures), not flat artwork. I’d like a refund.

Hello, Sorry to hear that, but the description is absolutly clear what it is. For a refund you have to ask the Envanto support, that’s not in our hand. Best regards!

I just purchased and opened the Brochure_CS4.idml file in Indesign CS4 version 6.0. The file opens with portrait pages set, but the layout is in landscape. The alignment of many of the items is off and when I switch to landscape, all of the layouts are partly outside of the page, with many items overlapping others. Please help; I have an urgent project to do.

Hello, after some research it looks like this is a bug that happens when exporting from OSX CS6 to CS4 . I have to Install CS4 again and rework the entire template, this will unfortunately take until tomorrow. If you don’t have the time you could download the free CS6 trial. Please send us a mail, so we can send you the updated file immediately. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks. I didn’t know about the CS6 trial version, so thanks for the tip.

Hello, is it possible to add pages to it? How easy is it? Thank you!

Hello, of course, with InDesign you can add and remove as many pages you like. Some Basic InDesign Knowledge and you are good to go. Best regards!


I bought this brochure template and would need this in A5 instead of A4. How much would you charge me to do these change? (including font size and element adjustments)? Is there an email where we can communicate over? Frank

Hi Frank, currently I don’t have time to do any custom work, sorry. Best regards, Michael