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Dosen’t work in CS5 or CS6 . Too many action errors. Don’t waste your money.

I have already checked it on CS6 and CS5 all works perfectly. Read instructions attentively.

Also make sure your brush opacity is 100%. Maybe it can help you

Excellent Job !! & Great Work ;)

Thank you! :bigsmile:

Can you explain how this is supposed to work? I loaded the Actions, and when I try to play an action, I get all sorts of errors. Am using Photoshop CS6. And where are the instructions? It came with an info file that just has a few lines of directions in it.

you should to load brushes and styles also

It doesn’t work, The outcome is definitely not equal with the pictures shown.

I want my money back or a decent support which helps me out. Thank you. Feel free to email me. sales.madstore@gmail.com.

I contacted to you via mail

I’m using PS CS6 as well and these comments regarding errors and other problems are quite worrying..

Your products look great and I’ve bookmarked them, but I’ve also had some problems (from some other authors) that looked great and didn’t deliver (or had errors) and I’m not sure what to expect now.

Hard to believe it’s every time the user’s fault when it’s so frequent. Can you comment on what you think is wrong?

Appreciate it, thanks.