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wow, final effects are really awesome!


thank you :)

You’re surprising me over and over! Cool item and a great presentation.

thank you very much for your kind words :)

I really dig this and will buy if I can use @ 300 DPI. Is this possible psddude?

The action preserves the DPI that you set for your file so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work; the LED pattern to me looks very similar but please take into account that I am not an expert in print ready images.

Have you tested with the latest version of photoshop.. “CC”?

I can’t get it to work.. If you want I can send you a screen shot..

It was created with Photoshop CS4 and it works with CS5 also. You can send me a screenshot if you want, but I can’t promise you it will work

Really? Maybe you could update it? It states it works with “CS”. If it worked with CS6 it would work with CC .. Otherwise I will ask for a refund.


I’ve just purchased Photoshop CC to test this action and it works as expected.

Have you followed the steps in the documentation and/or movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfS2YngKtH4 ?

Please send me the screenshot, maybe I can help

Tryna get this to work with cs5 and not working. Any suggestions?

Send me a message using this form http://graphicriver.net/user/psddude and explain me why is not working and I will try to help.

does it work with cs6?

It works with CS5 and CS5 extended. It was not tested for CS6 but it should work!


I’m working om CC. It’s works with shape and all that, but i can’t apply to fonts. Any idee why?

I don’t have CC so I can not test it. You can try rasterize the font before playing the action and see if that way it works.

This doesn’t work for me. After running the raster layer with my graphic I get a blank black layer on top of all the other layers.

Write me a message on my profile page to help you!

Great actions. However, does not work fully with German PS. Error Message: Object “layer “Hue/Saturation 1” ” is currently not available

In German, this called “Farbton/Sättigung 1”

How to change this?

PS: is there also a “small” version. Medium is much better for my purposes, however small or fine would be even better.

I have submitted it once again. Waiting for GR team to approve it.

Thanks, now it is online and working!!

I just purchased this and I cannot get it to work even when I follow your steps exactly. I have ps 5.5

Write me on my profile page please!

The result is incredibly cool! Accompanied by a user manual, this tool is easy to use.

Thank you! I am glad you like it :)

Hi psddude – purchased this yesterday and the actions aren’t creating the same results as yours. Have watched the youtube video couple of times. I’ll send you a PM about it now. It’s being used for a job that is due today, would be a massive help if you could reply as soon as possible for me. Thank you.

Thanks for the great support with this, easy fix in the end. Keep up the great work.

I am glad it worked!