Lifetime Button Templates

Lifetime Button Templates

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Lifetime Button Templates - 1

IMPORTANT Note: Check screenshots to see the elements in actual size.

Learn how a collection can last a lifetime !

Having an archive of useful button templates, you’re not limited to single pack choices and KeywordButtons. Having a template enables you to:
  • DYNAMIC COLLECTION Create various buttons on your current and future tasks
  • 400+ PRESET BUTTONS seen on screenshots are ready to use.
  • EDIT IN SECONDS: Enjoy working with separated PSDs with handy LayerFolders, named conveniently.
  • ALWAYS DIFFERENT, ALWAYS ORIGINAL.Have Icons which looks like no other buttons out there. Users with different flavours, Expertise and time will generate their own buttons in seconds
  • SCALE TO THE DEATH ! Thanks to Photoshop’s Shape-Layers you can extremely scale ( up or down ), rotate, skew, distort and .. free of boring bitmap issues. Icons, shapes and badges will recreate themselves after transform.
  • USE AS INDEPENDENT ASSETSUse icons and badges independently in your works.
  • That’s why you won’t need any other button pack for the rest your life.

    A fovor !

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    Used font is Myriad-Pro-Bold. You can purchase it here Or simply use your own preferred free font.

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