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Lime Essence UI

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“Lime Essence UI” controls is a set made to make web designers’ lives much easier. It was made specifically for darker designs, but it can be easily modified to fit any of your needs. It gives you ready to use solutions for huge part of the most used Web UI elements. It consists only of vector-shape layers so it’s completely resizable and easily editable. All the elements are accurately organized into layers and groups. This package contains more than 35 web and application components and some have more than one variation. If you want to present your web applications in a contemporary form – this is your set!

Bonuses Included:
1. Customized web buttons with icons & small social buttons
2. Font suggestions

1. Vector-Shape Layers – easy to modify & edit. Preserve the crisp edges
2. Fully scalable elements
3. Change the color of elements with adjustment layers in a couple of seconds.
4. Organized into layers and layer groups nicely.
5. Button states – Normal, Hover, Pressed
6. PNG export for each component.

List of all included components:
  • 1. Navigation Bar
  • 2. Submit Btn
  • 3. Small social Btns
  • 4. Progress Bar_A
  • 5. Progress Bar_B
  • 6. Tooltips
  • 7. Range Slider_A
  • 8. Range Slider_B
  • 9. Scroller
  • 10. Cursors
  • 11. Textarea & Text Input Fields
  • 12. Radio Btn
  • 13. Check Btn
  • 14. Search Field
  • 15. Switches
  • 16. Stepper
  • 17. Pagination
  • 18. Window_A
  • 19. Window_B
  • 20. List_A
  • 21. List_B
  • 22. Date Field & Date Bubbles
  • 23. Web Ribbons
  • 24. Large Btns
  • 25. Select Menu
  • 26. Web Slider


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In this package you will find the following files:
1. Adobe Photoshop – PSD (version CS and up). Well organized into layers and layer groups.
2. PNG – PNG exports for each component without the text
3. Preview Image

How to use:
PSD- to open you need Adobe Photoshop CS (or above). Simply click File—>Open (Ctrl + O on a PC).

Links to suggested fonts:
Helen Bg – Used in this set
Helen Bg normal
Helen Bg Bold
Other choices you can use:
Franlink Gothic
Hebar normal
Good old Helvetica
If you need to use serifs:
ITC New Baskerville
Adobe Garamond
System and web safe fonts:
Arial, Tahoma