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nice work.

make some web elements like navigation, banners etc. for get more sale volume.

Keep it up!

Yes , i am looking forward for them . Thanks for suggestion . Are you from India ?

nice ! Apple syle..awesome!



Thank you

Is there a tilable version of this?

Sorry but the effects used dont allow tiling . The tilable version will miss such a minimal look .


Can I create a pattern out of this, meaning I can cut like 2×2px and use it as repeat inside my app?

Thank you! jayc

No, i dont think you can do it . Because these effects are not meant for tiling/ pattern . There are very few chances of getting a clean cut . Actually , i have never made a pattern so its a bit difficult for me to explain . I think you should use the whole image instead of pattern , it will look far better .

I’ll reiterate you should make a tileable version of this. I created one myself with another linen wallpaper, so you should be able to…

Yes it possible to make a tilable version but it wont have the effects like this one . I have seen many tilable Linen graphics but they lack this kind of effect (the darkend effect ) so i haven’t done any experiments with it yet . But now i think that people like you seek for a tilable version so i will try achieve the best possible results . Thank You for you suggestion .

Looks brilliant. But I’m an NOT good at using Photoshop. So is there a JPEG or PNG version of this image which doesn’t have to words “Hybridic” on it???

Thank You . :)

All the images provided in the package are free from any kind of watermark or text . Only the preview consists of the text “Hybridic” , you’ll not find it in the main files .

Any luck on making a tilable version for this yet. The effects you are talking about in these comments can be achieved by using css3 if there is a tilable background imgae. Let me know asap. Really great background.

I am really Sorry . I am not good at web designing so i dont know how to use css3 . Maybe i will be do it in photoshop by reducing the shadows and lightening in some free time .