Logo Identity Guide

Logo Identity Guide

This is a Professional Designed Corporate Identity Manual with the Brand Style Guide of a Logo, designed in an 8 page CD Booklet format (12×12cm or 4.73×4.73in) wich fits perfectly in a Jewell CD box, or to make a PDF to send by e-mail.

Every Logo needs a Brand Style Guide explaining how you should use the logo, the colors used, the various versions (color, one color, negative, etc.). It is always a boring and time consuming job… But not anymore!!!

This is the Fastest, Easiest and Professional way to do it.
Everything in this Indesign CS4 (or higher) file is editable so you can fully customize it to your liking and to match your logo visual.

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  • Fast change the template color to anything you want – just change the swatches and it updates all;
  • Fast logo change with supplied illustrator file – replace the logos and it updates the InDesign file;
  • All text uses paragraph styles so you can easily change the font, color, size, etc. and it updates all;
  • Master Pages;
  • Text explaining the design rules for each topic, editable for you to change it all if you want;
  • Topics included: 01 The Logo; 02 Typography; 03 Colour; 04 Unacceptable Uses;
  • PDF Detailed instructions for every step included;
  • Professional Press Quality and Home Print ready;


  • InDesign CS4 or above file with the Corporate Identity Manual Template;
  • Illustrator CS4 or above file to place the logo versions;
  • InDesign CS4 or above file with CD label;
  • InDesign CS4 or above file with jewell box back cover;
  • PDF detailled instructions with screenshots;

    This Corporate Manual Template can be used for businesses, freelancing professionals or anyone who needs a Professional Brand Style Guide for a Logo.
    You can choose to make a PDF file to send by e-mail or print the booklet and make a Corporate Identity Pack, with the digital versions of the logo recorded on the CD, complete with CD label and back cover jewell box.

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    The logo used in the example is available here:

    Logo Identity Guide - 1

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