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Wow, this is amazing, very interesting, Michelle. Thank you for using my artworks. I was very happy and impressed. :) Good luck for sales :)

Thank you so much Cundrawan!! I’m glad you like it and thank you for letting me use your artwork in the preview image :):)

Hello, i purchased your logo mockups, but the file size is over 1GB precisely 1,004 MB, please can you check whats the problem is that? thanks…

Hi BranislavAnwarzai 1GB is the size of the compressed ZIP file that contains all 10 separate files. You have to uncompress the ZIP file in order to get all individual files which are much much smaller in size. Please let me know if you have anymore questions and thank you for purchasing :)

Hey I purchased this great product, wanted to ask you if you do custom work. I want to have the “metalic effect” in a different color to match my logo instead of GOLD. Do you do those kinds of things?

Sure Jared, simply send me your logo and let me know what you need exactly and I’d love to help :) I’m glad you like my work, thank you for purchasing :)

Hi Michelleyo,

I already purchased another beautiful item from you and I am planning to buy this one here too. Upfront I would like to ask, if the backgrounds are actually included in the files. Cheers, Shaoxuming

Yes Shaoxuming, the backgrounds are included in the files (only the logos aren’t). Thank you and thanks for purchasing :)

Perfect, thanks!

Loved this and it was very easy to use. 5 stars.

It would be nice if the file came with jpg previews though so it’s easy to know which one I’m loading into photoshop beforehand from windows explorer. I manually generated jpg files for them. Also perhaps filenames that describe the template would be great too. Great work and hope to see more!

Thank you so much Digitalsoju! I’m glad you like the files :) And thank you for your suggestions too, I will definitely take them into consideration!!! :):)

Beautiful mockups but it seems there is a problem with one of my logos: it looks blurry and not well printed on the paper (at the top).

Here is a picture so you can understand better what I mean:

It’s made of very thin lines and I am wondering if that is the cause of the problem? Can you help me? Thank you!

Hi sungoddessmag, thank you for liking and your logo actually looks exactly as it suppose to be on this mockup as it has a narrow depth of field and it blurs/fades off into the background.

You can however, if you want, remove this blur effect by either repositioning your logo or the ‘Logo Effects’ layer or simply removing completely the ‘logo effects blur’ layer and cancelling the mask. This mockup is very versatile so you can play with the layers and effects to your liking. Hope this helps :)

Why most mock ups are slanted? It needs extra work, figuring how to get horizontal. Even the canvass rotates alongwith. Is it done purposefully or just to show the edges, shadows etc. Most designs are WOW, but I refrain from purchasing.

Thanks for your comments Ghitorni, it is indeed made intentionally, to give a more dramatic and interesting effect. Thanks :)

Could you, possibly, make them straight for newbies? Easier to use and apply. Moreover, you have already shown your capabilities, why not ease newbies problems? Anyway, thanks for your reply.

Thanks Ghitorni! I will take your suggestion into consideration and might offer more straight mockups in the future :)

Nice work there. Looks good :) Wish you GLWS!

Thank you :)

Man i cant download this why?