Lomocam - Retro Effects & Frames

Lomocam - Retro Effects & Frames

Create retro effects and frames all inside this one action set! These actions let you create special lomography effects and generate square and Polaroid frames using all nondestructive techniques.

Product Features

Snapshot Prerendering
Play one action and all the effects will be generated for you! Using Photoshop’s snapshots feature, you can switch between the effects instantly without running another action.

Fully Editable Layers
All effects are created with adjustment layers and smart filters which are fully editable. The HDR looks are created primarily with the RGB curves to maximize image quality and dynamic range.

No Image Resizing
The first Photoshop frame actions that do not resize your photos! Lomocam automatically detects the size of your photo and generates the frame without using any texture files so that you get the maximum resolution – even on 100 megapixel photos!

31 Free Film Effects
Get 31 free faded film effects from our Faded Films action set. These effects help give your photos the realistic look seen in Polaroids and printed photos.

Photoshop Actions

Film Effects
  1. Polaroid
  2. Mega Contrast
  3. PX-70
  4. PX-70 Cooler
  5. PX-70 Warmer
  6. PX-100UV+ Cooler
  7. PX-100UV+ Warmer
  8. PX-680
  9. PX-680 Cooler
  10. PX-680 Cooler 2
  11. PX-680 Warmer
  12. Time-Zero Polaroid
  13. Time-Zero Polaroid Cooler
  14. Amaro Faded
  15. Mayfair Faded
  16. Rise Faded
  17. Hudson Faded
  18. Valencia Faded
  19. X-Pro II Faded
  20. Sierra Faded
  21. Willow Faded
  22. Lo-Fi Faded
  23. Earlybird Faded
  24. Sutro Faded
  25. Toaster Faded
  26. Brannan Faded
  27. Inkwell Faded
  28. Walden Faded
  29. Hefe Faded
  30. Nashville Faded
  31. 1977 Faded
Special Lomography Effects
  1. Fisheye
  2. Rainbow
  3. Glitched
  4. Rayleigh
  5. Vertical Action
  6. Action Grid
  7. Color Grid
  1. Polaroid Frame (Black)
  2. Polaroid Frame (White)
  3. Polaroid Frame (Green)
  4. Polaroid Frame (Cyan)
  5. Polaroid Frame (Blue)
  6. Polaroid Frame (Purple)
  7. Polaroid Frame (Pink)
  8. Polaroid Frame (Red)
  9. Polaroid Frame (Pink-Orange)
  10. Polaroid Frame (Yellow)
  11. Square Frame (Black)
  12. Square Frame (White)
  13. Square Frame (Green)
  14. Square Frame (Cyan)
  15. Square Frame (Blue)
  16. Square Frame (Purple)
  17. Square Frame (Pink)
  18. Square Frame (Red)
  19. Square Frame (Pink-Orange)
  20. Square Frame (Yellow)

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