Discussion on Long Shadow Maker

Discussion on Long Shadow Maker

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Is this working on CC 2014 – 2015?

Hey, excellent job man !

Side question, may I just ask you what font you’ve used for the “Awesome” title on one of the demo examples ? it’s really smooth and nice.

Thanks a lot !

Thanks! This is the Roboto Light 40 px :)

Hi excellent made!

but how can I get the shadows without the gradient opacity, i want it in some cases to be the same all the way.

Thanks! If you want to change style of the shadow, please just play with LayerStyles as the gradients is set here – you can remove unnecessary LayerStyles and customize it to your own needs! :)

This is a great little action but I have a question. If the Icon I am working with is 500×500 but the layer I am making the shadows for is 300×300 which size do I need to choose?


Thank you for purchasing this action. If you are working with 500×500 icon and trying to make 300×300 shadow that won’t be possible as shadows will be always bigger than elements they are made from.

If your element is X size, then use action with size closest to this X, and if shadow is too big just cut it out from the icon if you don’t want the shadow outside, or play with the Gradient of the shadow to make it shorter.

Best idea if you could just try different sizes and see if it’s what you want – they are just one mouse click away and really fast to make! :)

Best regards,

Nice work :) GLWS

Thanks !:)

wow! this is “1button task app” icon in iphone! I was thinking how they did that kind of shadow

Will this action work on CS3? Cheers.

Hello. Unfortunately I haven’t tested this action under CS3 – some people reported that it is working on CS4, but I haven’t heard anything about CS3 yet.

Hi is there any chance you could also add Bottom Bottom, Top Top, Left Left and Right Right? I’d like to create straight shadows up, down, left and right at 90 degree angles and not all the 45 degree ones you currently have now. Thank you if you can update this very much.

Hello, unfortunately I don’t plan to update this action very soon, as I’m quite busy now with other projects :( it would be nice to have also them in the set, but this is not the top priority for me at this point.

I am getting this error…

The command “Layer Via Copy” is not currently available.

How do I correct this problem?


“Layer Via Copy” is basicaly a shortcut to create a layer via copy (Ctrl + J on Windows, Command on Mac). So if your Photoshop features this funcion (it should :) ) then you should have no problems with the action. Please try to run this action on any demo content, without pressing any additional buttons than could disturb the action. Please also try to reload the actions the way I described in previous comment if that won’t help.

Best regards

What does this mean in the instructions?

“Upload “Long Shadow Maker 2 By Damian Watracz.atn” to your Photoshop”

Can you tell me how to upload to my photoshop?

I loaded the action from the actions menu…this seemed to work.


You can upload the action through the action panel (Window > Actions). On the top right corner you will see a small button and after clicking it you will see a drop down menu with options. Just choose “Load Actions” and select proper files.

Best regards

Did you update this for all directions?

Yes, I just uploaded new package to Envato with additional shadow directions, it should be available soon after they review it. If you purchased it, you should also be notified by email :)

Hey Damian, congrats to this amazing design! I wonder, how many copies of your idea have already been uploaded.. with no end in sight.. Keep it up, friend! And all the best to you :-)

Thank you for your kind words! :) copy cats are everywhere :(

Creating long shadows is pain, and this action set makes it so quick and easy! :)

Thank you! :)


Just bought this one but it doesn’t work on my Mac. Every time I ran this Action it pops up “The command “Layer Via Copy” is not currently available.” I am using CS5.

Also I am using CS6 on PC and the action doesn’t work as well. It doesn’t pop up that message but it has only drop shadow effect no long shadow…

Could you please help…

Hello there,

Thank you for purchasing this item. To be honest, I’m a Windows user and didn’t test it on Mac, but I prepared this action with standard Photoshop functions, so “Layer Via Copy” command is just “Ctrl+J” on Windows (should be Command + J on Mac) and it should work properly, as those are similar and easy operations, they just copy current layers.

But I’m not sure why it is not working on your PC, as I prepared this action on CS6 on my PC (and tested it a multiple times) and it works perfectly. Could you please describe in more details what your problem is or send me screens to my email so I can help you? If you run your action on your PC and don’t have any message, then this action should perform correctly and long shadow should be created without any issues.

My email is damian.watracz at

Best regards,

Hi, I was just about to buy this but realized it only has one direction. Are you planning to add more directions or should I buy this one


Yes, I plan update this action with new directions and some bonus materials for other types of shadows :) Please stay tuned as I believe that it will be worth waiting! :)

Best regards,

Thank you !:)

nice work mate

Thank you! :)

Very Nice Mock-up, Good luck for sales ;)

Thank you very much!


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