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Awesome work! as always :)

Thank Rafael :) I’m glad you like it

Nice job. It’s easy to use b/c of the smart layers.

One comment though…when one layer masks through to the other with a gaussian blur, it tends to shade text (magazine text)...maybe next time use motion blurs instead of masks?

But great job with the perspectives! Makes it easy for us designers!

Thanks overflowmag_09 ;)


Very impressive job.

I have just one little question : When you said fully customizable, does it mean you can create closely images of vertical documents like a magazine (21×29.7) and horizontal documents too like a brochure (29.7×21) ?

Hi Yelo

These mockups are designed for magazines with papers sizes: International Paper A4 21 x 29.7 cm to scalable minimum size 7,66×10,84 cm, thats mean is only for vertical documents

I hope this help :)

I can also provide custom work if you want. Best Regards :)

OK thank you for your answer. I really like your mockups and I will buy some ;-)

No custom work but maybe an idea for your next mockup closely 3 for brochure A4 horizontal

Best regards


of course I will work on it :)

that’s interesting thanks ShermanJackson :)

i am a fan 2! greate Job!

wow thank you very much!! :D

could not resist again :)

wow! thank you Sherman :)
I’m very glad you like my files. :superbashfulcute:

Great Work ! ;) 5 Stars .