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Really nice bundle! :)

Appreciated obo!

Great work BXD!!

Thanks Shafura!

great work mate

You welcome! Thanks :)

Excuse me but I need to understand why I am not able to edit the text on the Editor page of the 56 page template in this bundle. Please advise. Is this a defect?

Everything on the page is editable except the two columns on that page.

Nevermind. I’ve figured it out.

Good stuff. If you have any more issues with the layout then please email me through my profile page. Thanks :)

i can’t open after purchase. It keeps saying sharedcontent.indesignplugin is not available. I am using CS5 on Mac. Please help. Thanks

Try opening the file that ends with .idml instead of the .indd. The main files wee created in InDesign CS5.5 that’s why you are getting the error “sharedcontent.indesignplugin”

Very nice item, well done

Thanks GrafAS! Appreciated.

Hi, how do i edit the verbage boxed creative magazine template, I do not see any layers locked, and also the footer where the website goes.

Thank you

Try editing that from the master pages in the pages panel. :)

One of the fonts that was used in the template is called Sofia Pro… it appears this is not a “free download” as mentioned in the description of the magazine templates. I was able to download all the other fonts free but not Sofia Pro Light…. Is there a link you have to the free download of this font? thank you.

Sorry you’re having trouble with the font. However, if you go to this link: http://bit.ly/1gmSrZi Scroll down to the Sofia Pro Light version and that is free to download. Hope that helps :)

Can we edit these e-magazines on any other platform than Adobe cs4 cs5 or any other cs platform ?

Hi. All the files were created using Adobe InDesign. You can edit them and customise them the way you want. The files come in these sizes: 768px x 1024px, 1024px x 768px, 1536px x 2048px, 2048px x 1536px. This is standard for iPad magazines. However if you are comfortable with using InDesign then it will allow you re-size them how you see fit using the liquid layout option. The files that come are all using Alternate Layouts. The reason for Alternate Layouts is because it’s for print or digital publishing within the same document. You can use it to create different sizes of a print advertisement, magazines etc. Or to design the horizontal and vertical layouts for devices such as the Apple iPad or Android tablets. You can create and export PDFs from these layouts. Hope that helps. Here is a link to how to create alternate layouts for multiple device sizes using Adobe InDesign CS6: http://www.adobe.com/inspire/2013/02/alternate-layouts-indesign.html

its not opening in photoshop for me, says it doesnt support the file type, i tried all files

Hi. The files should open in InDesign as stated in the item description.

How do you insert your logo in the “Your Logo Here” / how do you edit the header (logo, weblink, issue #2)?


Check out the master page on the pages panel. You can edit it from there.

Really nice template, but it just dawned on me I can’t use it as intended unless I purchase an extended license which is WAY outside of my budget. :(

Hi, I’m so sorry about that. Not sure what we do here. Maybe get in touch with Envato Support and see what they say. I’m not in control of any of the licensing models.

:( That’s ok, I’ll use it for inspiration and build something in photoshop for now.

Please can give me the “FONTs”

Hi, Due to copyright issues we are not allowed to include the fonts. There is a link in the information file to show you where you can download the fonts from :)

Hi just having problem finding the “novecento wide” font… could you help?