Magic bottles icons 2

Magic bottles icons 2

Yay! Now we have new magical bottle set.

A set consists of 20 bottles, each one with unique contents.

The set can be used in many ways:

  • they fit Match 3 as base gaming elements.
  • they can be used as ingredients in the craft systems in games like sandbox, survival
  • they fulfill the role of buff and debuff potions.
  • they can be used as battle potions in RPGs
  • they can be used as building resources in farming games
  • they will be excellent for games with a witchcraft or alchemy setting
Every bottle can be mean something special:
Yellow glow

Can symbolize – stamina, energy, velocity, speed, wisdom, agility, knowledge, intellect, sunlight, intelligence
Red glow

Can symbolize rage, frenzy, strength, elixir of detect demon, immune, health. Can be a paladin’s potion
Violet glow

can be used as a potion for luck, defence, invisibility, fortitude, magic
Cyan glow

mana, disguise, heroism, mend
Blue glow

can be used for: regeneration, elixir of armor piercing
Bottle with poison

asphyxiation, death, plague, poison, silence, malaise, envenom
Bottle with hearts

heal, love potion, elixir of life, additional life increasing life %
Bottle with a frog (toad)

transforming potion, transmutation potion, poison frog, poison ingredient
Bottle with a fish

magical fish, granting wishes, food, trade, fishery
Bottle with a spider

poison, antidote ingredient, a symbol of danger, an ingredient for a trap
Bottle with butterflies

levitation, fairy magic, pixie dust
Bottles with flowers

the power of nature, earth magic, herbs, herbalism, a resource
Bottle with white crystals

sea or rock salt, mining, archaeology
Bottle with blue crystals

philosopher’s stone, ingredient for defense potion
Bottle with red crystals

gem, jewelry, manganese
Bottle with coral

breathing under water, resource, building material, decorating material
Frozen bottle

freezing effect, slowing effect, water walking elixir, fire resist, ice symbol, winter symbol, snowball
Broken bottle

Can symbolize a failed attempt to create a potion or spell.

  • Every bottle is sized at 512×512 pixels.
  • The archive includes 3 formats: EPS (all elements are vectors), PSD (well organized layers) and PNG (with a transparent background).

    If you need support for this set, please use the email form on our profile page to contact us.
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