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Hi! I bought it today. Install goes fine but Blemish Removal didn’t work. Load a empty layer with a brush selection. Is there an update or correction for it? Thanks!

Hi! I seen the video and not understanding what is causing this issue. Can you please try to reset the Photoshop preferences to it’s default and restart the Photoshop and try again.

Hi Mudi, resetting works!! Cool! Thanks!



ja3far Purchased

Hi, The effects are not working! using Photoshop CC2017

We will check the issue and get back to you soon.

Hi! we will fix this issue in next update in upcoming days. Thank you for reporting this issue and sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi! The issue is now fixed. Please download and install the latest version. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Getting this error “Failed to install the extension “MagicRetouchPro”. Please make sure the manifest.xml of this extension is valid and the Extension Manager recognizes at least one product which the extension supports. I have loaded the Preset. Win 10, Photoshop CC 2017. Can not see the extension in the “Extension” drop down in CC.

Please make sure Photoshop is closed during installation process and run ZXP installer as administrator and try installing again. If this also don’t work then please try manual method for further detail check the User Guide.

That did the trick. Thanks

Glad the problem is solved. Sorry for inconvenience.

good day! how i can get and download the latest version? and what is the significant changes or new feature there? thanks

Hi! Just download Magic Retouch Pro again and it will download the latest version. After downloading install the new version just like you installed for the first time. You can check all the changes and new features in chnagelog included in the download file.


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please fix the manual dodge and burn, upon exiting or clicking the back button the dodge and burn folder in the layer panel doesn’t show

Thank you for the feedback. This issue will be fixed in next update. Sorry for inconvinience.


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Hi there, I’ve been using your program for a few years now, but i’m having issues opening the ZXP file, usually it’s an ATN file, how do I go about opening the zxp in CC?

Hi! you need to download and install Zxp Installer. For detail instructions, please check out the user guide.

I guarantee you will get more sales if you fix that awful video. The generic, computer-narrated VO is an IMMEDIATE turn off. I landed here from first Google, then YouTube and it’s an absolute miracle I made it this far.

When you click on a video and quickly realize that awful computer-generated voice is going to be your narrator for the next two and a half minutes, you’re out of there in seconds flat. You think it’s one of those crappy robo-YouTube ads that compare top loading water dispensers. Your video needs a real human being, BADLY.

Sorry to sound blunt. I say this with good will and wishes for your success. It looks as though you have an excellent product. I wish you many more sales. (but fix that video).

Thank you for the feedback :)

helo this price $15 for a month? or forever??

This is the current price of the product which may be changed in the future.

Hello Mudi. Following an update to Photoshop 19 (2018) the panel will not work. Hope you will be able to adjust the program, again. This is such a good panel I would not like to lose it.

The update is now live you can download it right now.

Wow – that was quick. Thank you.

You’re welcome.

never mind manual installation worked!

Hi! you have to use manual installation method as with automatic installation, ZXP installer is required and that is not yet updated to support Photoshop CC 2018 and we have no control over it as it is developed by the third-party developer.

The best way right now is to use manual installation method.

For detail instructions on how to install manually please follow the user guide.

Edit: Yes that is the only way right now until ZXP installer is updated,

Thank you, the Manual installation works like a charm.

I can not install in my Photoshop CC 2018

How to proceed?

I followed the guidelines that came in the folders but did not install.

I can not install in my Photoshop CC 2018

How to proceed?

I followed the guidelines that came in the folders but did not install.


Hi! please follow the manual installation method as for automatic installation ZXP installer is required which at the moment is not supported for Photoshop CC 2018.

Installed and not working basic retouch making a new layer which is the same as the original. Eye blemish empty layer.


mudi Author

Hi! Can you please tell in which language your Photoshop is?



mudi Author

You need to use the brush over the layer in order to see the changes.

Please follow these tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLE9td6OFirgRg0gDH38PlteQ1rsPDNjI4


I bought your software but it is not compatible with photoshop c6. Is there a way to make it work?

Thank you

Sorry I speak French

Where did you tell me that? Where is this support link?


mudi Author

I told in this same comment thread. Here is the link: http://intagliographicsandmultimedia.com/intaglio-support.html


sorry I do not speak English, I did not understand

thank you

Hi There! I was try install the plugin, but the ZXP installer sad the extension is not compatible with my PS /CC 2018, MacOS


mudi Author

Hi! Please download the latest version of ZXP installer and try again.

it’s done. Thank You


mudi Author



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Hello; Can you help me getting the following warning? “Installation failed because of a file operation error”


mudi Author

Please try using the manual installation method.