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Hello. I tried to copy the image pins multiple times, which worked, as i want different images per pin. However when i change image of one pin it changes on all pins???

Can you help


Thanks for purchasing. When you copy smat object you need to do next thing: Right click on layer and then “New Smart object via copy”

Hi, I can’t get the Depth actions to work!? They keep coming out looking like this: http://imgur.com/GealH4T.jpg


what’s the code of this rar

Please be more specific


i just purchased the action and started using it, but it always says: “The command “Expand” is not currently available. What can i do?


Thanks for purchsing! Try to do next thing it must solve an issue

1. Find style with the name: map_tiles_template (make small list view to find it faster) 2. make any shape and apply this style to it 3. Then double click on fx icon. You will see the window 4. Go to Pattern overlay settings 5. Make opacity 100% and Scale 100% If it have the same opacity and scale give me to know! Then this is not the problem. 6. Save this style with the name: map_tiles_template (be specific with spaces) 7. Delete old style 8. Try action again

Do the same list of steps but with a style BlocksMap_green.pattern

How to overwrite styles? Create any shape then apply style map_tiles_template. Correct this style by steps below and then save them with the same name map_tiles_template. It will be saved in styles panel last, find previous style and delete it.

Can we take a screenshot of a map page, use image and make it have the effects? We basically add pins, turn off and on?


Thank you for purchasing! Please can you specify your question with more details.

Thank you.

Hi, I’m using PS CS5 Extended. When I ran the action, PS throw out the error “The command “Expand” is not currently available”. What problem is it?

I just saw your previous post about the same problem. Where is style map_tiles_template?


Thanks for purchasing. You need to show up styles panel to see them. Go to Window > Styles. In the styles window go to the up right corner and click little arrow and then choose “Text only” to display style names find there name: map_tiles_template

I’m having the same issue. but can’t even locate the map_tiles_template .. need help asap :-)

Hi, Thanks for purchasing! This is the name of a style. Style located in styles panel Window > Styles. If you can’t figure out what to do, write me through feedback form here: http://graphicriver.net/user/Vladuha#contact I will help you!

J’avais déjà acheté Map Generator et, très satisfait, j’ai décidé de poursuivre en achant Map Creator. Très facile d’utilisation.

Continuez ainsi, bravo !

Nous vous remercions de votre achat et pour vos aimables paroles! :bigsmile:

Your free download (free photoshop custom shapes – http://www.wearepixel8.com/blog/15-free-photoshop-custom-shapes-web-icons-buttons/) link in no longer available – time to delete or replace with a new link.

Thank you very much for purchasing! And thanks that you noticed I’ll remove it

doesn’t work.. waste of money

I’m getting that same error as other people “The command “Expand” is not currently available.

I don’t understand your instructions for the fix.. as in it seems like english isn’t your first language because none of what you said makes any kind of sense

Are you kidding me – 1 star within two hours? We have the difference in time zones, you really don’t have a patience. It’s not necessary to make so much noise and It’s not very kind of you to start the conversation with offending. If you asked me for a help, I would gladly offer any assistance I can. So many people bought this product and happy with it. And where did you find this fix? There wasn’t any fix for this product. All works fine.

Hi, This plugin looks really nice, but it doesn’t work for me: PC win 10 Photoshop CC2015.5.1 I get the error “The command Layer via cut is not available” I have: Installed all styles, all actions. Went into the function, while all other functions look ok, the Layer via cut function exists but is empty. Tried the fix you suggested a few years ago – looking for a pattern named map_.. it does not exist. Any suggestions? Gidon

Please download the new updated version.

Hi, I’ve been using this action successfully, but after some time without using it and upgrading my software (10.12.2) I can’t get it to work again. One of my issues is the same issue as Koomkoom above. After the “Layer via cut” issue it fails on “Apply” “Select” “Gaussian Blur” and “Merge Layers” Does anyone have a fix?

Please download the new updated version.

“Map Creator – Action” has been updated to work correctly with CC2015.5 & CC2017