Discussion on Map Icons and Elements - V.1

Discussion on Map Icons and Elements - V.1

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Fantastic icons.

Great work at great price! it’s worth every cent!

Thank you saronikos!!

Can these be rotated or are the images set to only face one way?

These icons are 2D objects for a 2D application (Photoshop). You can, of course, these icons flip horizontally.

Hi this is excellent.

Some kind of road would be good

also more camping materials. im a scout leader :-)

do you intend on doing more update packs?

Hi endam50, there is a fresh Icon set (road and river Kit) waiting in the queue. Since 14 days … Cheers

Can I increase Document’s Size more than 2000 px?

These are great :)

Are you going to make icons with walking/sitting/action people for things like malls/shops? That would be great for architectural viz.


Thank you! Listed, but I can not promise anything :D

Haha ok.

Really hope on some store icons (clothing shop with big front window for example) as well.. So I can build a mall (right now there’s only 1 old fashioned home-like shop in your icon set).

Reaaaally hope you’ll be able to make a set like that! :)

Good sales.

Something like this (but in your style, not pixel-art) would be awesome and a guaranteed seller (I bought some of your other products btw, which are great :) )

Great as all your products :)

Just would like to request several directions of the items (all 4 would be best but at least 2 opposing sides, like a house from the left/front and one from the right/back) as it will greatly improve the usability of these icon packs.

Right now I’m building an isometric map and have to buy a bunch of different icons from other sides, since your iconpacks have only one direction of each icon and on top of that, most point in the same, so building a street block with houses is simply impossible.

Any chance you’ll render at least things like cars and houses in several directions (and maybe remove the bonus icons on some of these packs, since all packs have the same bonus-items :P )

Thanks for a great set though.

Hi robertIc, thank you again :)

At the moment we have no plans for another icon sets. Other projects are in the pipeline. The icons that you have purchased are all handmade in 2D in Photoshop. Other perspectives would be very time consuming.

(Why should I remove the bonus icons? Not all buy two or more sets. ;) )


I see, that’s unfortunate as I like the style and mixing and matching with other provider’s icons doesn’t work too well either.

Anyhow, what are you working on now?.. :)

Removing the bonus icons was just a suggestion if you were going to make a set like a mentioned, not really for the existing products you have.

Good sales!

Nice Icons, it’s a shame that they are so low resolution.

I was looking to buy the other icon sets. Do they work in your latest 3D Map Generator 2 Isometric package? I bought that the other day?

The previous sets are NOT isometric – they don’t fit perfectly with the new 3D Map Generator 2. But we are working currently on new isometric icon sets ;) Mic

That sounds great. I’ll wait for those to come out. Thanks

i just buy icon, but i cannot use them in 3dmap because are in different prospective (sorry for english)

Okay. All icon sets before the new Generator 2 works only with the old generators. New isometric icon sets for the generator 2 are coming soon. Please write me an email. Thx

:( i bought icon v.1 and v.2 :(

You’ve got mail! ;)

hai,i purchased this files yesterday ,but it seems to be useless for me, because the size of the images is too small.only frame size is 400×400 the image inside is only 150×150 . can you please send me the big sized pngs for trees , tent, etc?no need of psd

Hi nips555! The icons are only available as shown. The percentage size of each icon is given in the right corner. Best wishes, mic

How do you install the icons to work in 3D map generator?

What exactly do you mean? How you can position the icons on the map or to install in the plugin? Here you’ll find some tutorial videos (e.g. “How to add icons”) :