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Wonderful flyer :-)

Thank you very much :)

just fantastic item , probably just one of the most beautiful ever on this sort of subject ;) (maybe with mine lol kidding lol) GLWS buddy, best of luck , i wish u sales in keeping with the quality of this top notch item ;)

Thank you so much! You always spend time to give an accurate point of view on items. I’m happy you like this flyer, I hope that my taste is the same taste of my clients…ahahah! Thank you again! Why don’t you make just some items on Carnival? Happy New Year!

you are welcome, this is my pleasure to give you cool feedback ;) u deserve it ;) no doubt for me that u’ll get many sales , don’t worry. Indeed, i have one carnival item already but i will probably do some additional work on this theme some time down the road lol happy new year , i wis u all the best for this new year coming ;)

nice and beautiful….......GLWS ! :)

Thank you BhilalaDesign..I’m trying to do better and better…

Hello the mask you have great resolution?

Hello AitorOrtiz1,

mask has been designed for the flyer: take in mind that you could print a 6×8 Flyer in 300DPI Resolution, but also a 18×24 at 100DPI Resolution. What kind of work do you need to print?

I have downloaded the rectangular, because I need it for a 5M poster

the rectangular…are you saying Facebook cover? if so, it’s only a web edition in low resolution: you should buy the flyer for a better quality, but take in mind that it’s not a poster. 5m are very BIG, so…if we intend this flyer in a 32 DPI print (for giant outdoor posters) you can obtain a medium quality for 2M print.