Material Design Icons Generator Template

Material Design Icons Generator Template


Material Design Icons Generator Template is your ultimate tool to generate icons based on the latest design trend from Google “Material Design”. Based on Google Material Design Guidelines, each product icon is visually distinct, all product icons for a given brand should be unified through concept and execution.

The template follows Google Material Design Icons Guidelines very carefully to save your time and boost your productivity. With 10 different icon background shapes and unlimited color variations, it’s now the time to turn your icons materialistic.

Background Shapes

  1. Square
  2. Horizontal Rectangle
  3. Vertical Rectangle
  4. Circle
  5. Circle Fold
  6. Square Fold
  7. Square Fold 2
  8. Horizontal Rectangle Dog Ear
  9. Vertical Rectangle Dog Ear
  10. Flip Fold

The process is extremely easy, one PSD file contains all the hard work, icons background shapes keylines perfectly designed to meet Google guidelines. All you need to do is choose which background shape you prefer, place your icon via smart vector objects and begin to mix and match between colors or directly apply your brand colors. You can place your icon into the smart object as a transparent PNG or a photoshop custom shape. SVG, AI, or EPS no problem at all, just grab your icon from illustrator and paste it into the smart object


  1. All layers designed based on custom shapes
  2. Pixel perfect layers
  3. Resize your icon to your desired dimension without loosing quality or details
  4. Separate layer for each icon part, nothing merged. Feel free to style each part to match your desire.
  5. Extremely easy and fast even for amateurs
  6. Shapes Keylines and Guides
  7. Automatic tint shades
  8. Well organized PSD, grouped and labeled layers


  1. 1 x .ATN File
    Action file generates the following drawable icons:-
  • Your Icon PSD Template
  • Google Play Store (512×512) PNG
  • XXXHDPI (192×192) PNG
  • XXHDPI (144×144) PNG
  • XHDPI (96×96) PNG
  • HDPI (72×72) PNG
  • MDPI (48×48) PNG
  • 2 x .ACO Files
    Primary Material Colors & Material Color Shades
  • Included Files

    1. 1 x .PSD (Main Template)
    2. 1 x .ATN (Bonus)
    3. 2 x .ACO (Bonus)
    4. 1 x .PDF (Help Documentation)


    I will be glad to answer all your questions via item comments thread, or through direct messages through my portfolio.