Medux – Web Dashboard UI Kit for Photoshop

Medux – Web Dashboard UI Kit for Photoshop

Medux is a professional Dashboard UI Kit for Sketch. Medux is a powerful and super customizable template, it’s best for any kind of admin and customers dashboards. This Template includes 26 pre-built layouts and 50+ widgets with different features and options. The template has been designed using the latest design trends and standards. The template is perfectly organized and includes all the necessary user interface elements – text fields, drop-down lists, checkboxes, radio buttons, etc.

This template is ideal for Hospital, Doсtors, Perinatal Centers, Private Hospital, Medical Laboratory, Analytics, Traffic Accounting, Stock Trading, Cryptocurrency, Task Manager and Scheduler, Regional Sales Accounting, CRM, Chat and Users Management.

Medux is a great choice for creating a flexible Medical Dashboard as well as a multipurpose admin area. It includes highly customizable Components, Widgets, Modules, Charts and Applications for you to design interfaces and powerful web applications.


  • 52 screens with resolution 1440×1020px
  • Includes Dark UI and Light UI
  • 26 Light Artboards + 26 Dark Artboards
  • 11 Different Dashboards
  • 50+ Types of Widgets
  • Clean and Simple Style
  • Trendy Сolors and Gradients
  • Design of All Major Widgets
  • Well Organized Layers and Groups
  • Pixel Perfect Design
  • Easy to Use and Customize
  • Easy to Find Artboards, Folders, Layers
  • Fully Customizable and Resizable Symbols
  • Includes several special Medical Widgets
  • Free Google Fonts Used
  • Icons Provided by Font Awesome 5 Pro
  • Tested in Color Blindness Simulator
  • Design Meets the Requirements of WCAG 2


  • 01-Dashboard-A
  • 02-Dashboard-B
  • 03-Dashboard-C
  • 04-Dashboard-D
  • 05-Dashboard-E
  • 06-Dashboard-F
  • 07-Dashboard-G
  • 08-Dashboard-H
  • 09-Dashboard-I
  • 10-Dashboard-J
  • 11-Dashboard-K
  • 12-Doctor-Daily-Appointments
  • 13-Doctor-Weekly-Appointments
  • 14-Doctor-Monthly-Appointments
  • 15-Doctor-Patients
  • 16-Doctor-Staff
  • 17-Doctor-Messenger
  • 18-Doctor-Reviews
  • 19-Patient-Daily-Appointments
  • 20-Patient-Weekly-Appointments
  • 21-Patient-Monthly-Appointments
  • 22-Patient-Tests
  • 23-Patient-Doctors
  • 24-Patient-Messenger
  • 25-Patient-Reviews
  • 26-Dashboard-Builder


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