Mega Sci-Fi Hitech Hexagon Patterns

Mega Sci-Fi Hitech Hexagon Patterns

“Mega Sci-Fi Hi-Tech Hexagon Patterns”

Another package of 25 Scifi Hi-Tech HD hexagon patterns for your sci-fi and modern hexagons needs! (+ 6 bonus patterns)

Each pattern is high definition (708 pixels) and 100% tilleable.


- 25 Hexagon Patterns

- 9 Randomizer Patterns

- 3 Seamless Dirt patterns

- All the basic masks

- .pat Photoshop pattern file

- .png images with transparency (For making seamless patterns in every software that can make tiles )

You can create custom design with the matte and by blending the patterns because each pattern goes above the other. In case you need you can only install the ones you need, by opening the png file with Photoshop and choosing Menu “Edit>Define Pattern”

For smaller sizes. Please see this video at 1:20 for best smaller results

Watch this Video Tutorial for some helpful tips

What you get is lifetime, so you buy it once use for a thousant years! :)

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Hope you enjoy! Happy Sci-Fi Hexagon Creations!

About: 25 high quality big size tilleable honeycomb seamless patterns, varying from hi-tech sci-fi, metallic, plastic, shiny ,abstract , alien, simple, elegant to textured patterns made with lots of care and attention to detail ready to be used in your project and elevate it to the next level.
Usage: Video Games, Web Designs, User Interface Design, Motion Graphics and Visual Effects, Sci-Fi and not only Background graphics for allmost anything your imagination holds, Texture for 3D model, Mesh pattern for Car Custom Design, Futuristic bg, touchscreen, video background, banner, header design, even for Ground scifi textures, for Hitech Armor or Weapon , for iPhone and Android UI design, GUI, Presentation, for promotional and advertising videos, brochures, backgrounds, fliers, for audio or visual usage these patterns will be very useful for any graphic designer, motion graphic, 3d, 2d, illustrator artist or any other enthusiast!

Thank you, if you need help, just go to my profile page and send a message.