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Nice effect and detail. :) love it :

— thank you! ))

nice texture!

— thanks! i tried to do nice background)

— thank you!

— thank you lot!

— Thank you for your attention to my work!

Nice modern texture. Why only 3 stars rating, what’s wrong, folks?

Thank you for your attention to me and my portfolio. Thanks for the advice. I’m currently working on improving this work and want to upgrade it. What do you think about this? (sorry for my english)

I don’t know what’s wrong with it. Seems quite good. If you see how to make this artwork better — do it. But in my opinion it’ll be useful just to add more works.

Thank you, i will add more works. Now upload the new files it is a very long. I uploaded to test a lot of vector illustrations. Submitted 13 days ago!

It looks really good!

thank you!

Very professional!


Great! I like this texture! Realistically it!

Thanks for the comment! I tried very hard to make this file was attractive to buyers too.

sorry my english

Great Backgrounds :D

thank you!